Our Sustainability Vision

For Scholle IPN, sustainability is a journey, not an end. We cooperate throughout value chains in multiple markets to provide safe, natural, economic, and sustainable solutions for stakeholders. Our aim is to remain competitive while utilizing internal and external resources to make a positive impact for our employees, our communities, and in the world.

Our Four Goals

These four overall goals define all our sustainability efforts. We carefully measure and regularly assess efforts to achieve these goals in all our locations around the globe, setting new specific target goals each year.

Reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions

To successfully reduce carbon emissions that cause climate change, every business must be accountable for their contributions. Scholle uses the World Resource Institute (WRI) Greenhouse Gas Protocol to calculate our emissions. By doing this, we’re able not only to track our emissions year-to-year, but also to identify what activities are contributing the highest amount of GHG emissions. This enables us to make changes toward reducing our impact on the environment. We’ve started accomplishing this by:

  • Buying more efficient lighting, and increasing natural light in our plants.
  • Moving assets closer to our customers to reduce shipping distances.
  • Purchasing from local suppliers instead of shipping across the country/globe.
  • Upgrading to more efficient equipment.
  • Regular engagement in LEAN manufacturing events to eliminate waste, driving sustainability down through our supply chain.
  • Installing solar panels when possible to produce electricity for use in our plants.

Scholle IPN reduced its global GHG by 24% from 2011-2015

Reduce Landfill Waste

Reducing waste is an important and necessary part of protecting our planet’s land and oceans. Scholle IPN is committed to obtaining the lowest possible levels of landfill waste. We strive toward a circular economy model, looking to find other uses for end products when possible. In some regions, waste-to-energy plants can be utilized to achieve zero waste. We currently have three sites that are 100% landfill free. Plus our flexible packaging products are lighter and thinner than traditional packaging, and recyclable (where #7 plastics are accepted), meaning less waste heading toward landfills.

Scholle IPN reduced its landfill waste by 87% from 2011-2015

Social Responsibility

Scholle IPN is a global company, with 19 locations in 13 different countries around the world. Every year, each location performs at least three social responsibility events designed to engage employees in meeting needs of the communities in which we’re located. Below is just a sample of some of the events we’ve participated in:

1. Environment Event: Whether gathering to clean up roads and creeks, plant trees, or to educate communities about the importance of preserving Earth’s resources, we require each location to sponsor an event focused on the environment near the appropriate date for their location every year (such as America’s Earth Day in April or Europe’s World Earth Day in June).

2. World Food Day Event: Since we package so many food products, we have chosen hunger as an important issue for us to address. Every year for World Food Day (Oct. 16), each plant must do an event relating to hunger or food banking. Most do food drives and donations to their local food bank.

3. Other Events: With vastly differing needs in each region where we’re located, other social responsibility events are based on the needs of the local community and the desire of the plant personnel. Successful past efforts include:

  • Collecting school supplies to donate to schools in need.
  • Holiday giving trees.
  • Winter clothing and coat drives.
  • Cooking breakfast for students at local schools.
  • Sending home meal backpacks on weekends with children who rely heavily on school-sponsored meals during the week.
  • Walkathons and relays to raise money for charities.


Clear and transparent communication is vital to our sustainability efforts. First we need to reveal the work we’ve done and stay accountable for our goals. And second, all of our suppliers and locations must work together in a continual, open dialogue to successfully reach our goal of having a positive impact on our world. This requires communication.

Scholle IPN aims to share our vision, goals, achievements and other sustainability information both internally (through newsletters, postings, training, etc.) and externally—to our customers, the community, regulatory bodies, and other stakeholders—through our website, reports, and news articles. We aim to be transparent about our efforts, and to keep information as current as possible.

Sustainability Benefits of Flexible Packaging

  • Resealable, allowing you to use just what you need.
  • Reduces spoilage and product waste, and extends shelf-life.
  • Smaller, lighter, less volume Easier to store and ship.
  • Collapse as they’re used, leaving minimal package waste.
  • Smaller packaging footprint.
  • Eliminate energy required for cold-chain supply with aseptic packaging.


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