Barrier Film For Flexible Packaging Now Available

Historically, Scholle IPN film has been sold as a part of our pre-made bag-in-box products. We are happy to announce that Scholle IPN barrier films are now available as a separate packaging component to customers in the North American market who convert form-fill-seal (FFS) rollstock and/or other pouch packaging solutions.

Scholle IPN will sell rolls of film, allowing clients to manufacturer their bags and pouches in-house. David Bellmore (Director, Technology – Americas) and Jessi Hoover (Director, Packaging Applications & Product Line Management) provide insight into this exciting development.

What is Scholle IPN’s history of manufacturing flexible packaging film?

DB: Scholle IPN entered the flexible packaging market in 1955 with the invention of the bag-in-box package. In 1990, we installed our first 5-layer blown film extrusion line, which we used for ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) co-extruded films. Up until that point, Scholle IPN had focused on 1- to 3-layer polyethylene films, and laminates involving biaxially-oriented nylon (BON) and metalized polyethylene terephthalate (MPET) substrates. However, playing the role of industry pioneer, we knew we needed to continue to develop films with unique barrier properties which meet and exceed our customers’ requirements and thus have gone on to create film solutions with up to nine discrete layers.

Why does Scholle IPN sell its proprietary barrier films?

JH: In 2004, Scholle IPN acquired a company named Flextainer and its form-seal-fill (FSF) technology. Customers could purchase barrier laminates and taps, and then produce the bags and fill them at their locations. As a part of this unique packaging program, we began to sell rollstock of a barrier laminate, DuraShield™. Since then we have also sold films named FlexiTech™, FlexiShield™ Advance, and a laminate film named DuraTech™ into food and chemical markets.

Scholle IPN is now looking to build upon these successes and provide film and laminate solutions to other end-users. Our goal is to:

  • Leverage a long history of film and liquid packaging expertise to expand our ability to help our customers deliver their products to market in a manner that is safe, natural, economic, and sustainable.
  • Bring innovation and new thinking to adjacent markets by providing multi-faceted, performance packaging solutions (bag-in-box, spouted pouches, and barrier film).
  • Bring to market film capability with state-of-the-art extrusion technology to meet customer and industry needs for source reduction, enhanced performance, and improved manufacturing efficiency.

How does Scholle IPN’s film differ from other films on the market today?

JH: For over 60 years, we have used films and laminates to package and protect our customers’ oxygen-sensitive liquids and aggressive chemicals. Our films excel in seal-ability, puncture strength, flexcrack resistance, oxygen transmission rate (OTR), and chemical resistance. Our unique expertise is to develop and manufacture higher-barrier films (≤ 0.04 cc/100 in2/day at 100% O2), than what are typically found on the market.

We provide performance packaging solutions for a myriad of different applications, such as:

  • Package sizes ranging from 1- to 300-gallon.
  • A broad spectrum of product types ranging from oxygen-sensitive or organoleptically-challenging, to aggressive chemicals that can attack and erode packaging materials.
  • Manual to high-speed processing and filling lines for ambient, extended shelf-life (ESL), hot-fill, and aseptic products.
  • Several different forms of handling and distribution environments, which can each exert distinct forms of stress on the package.

We have a knack for balancing all of the package requirements to develop unique films which provide not only key barrier requirements, but enhanced strength and performance to deliver the best quality product to the final consumer in a way that is safe, natural, economic, and sustainable.

What will your state-of-the-art, 9-layer production line offer your customers?

DB: Scholle IPN is installing a state-of-the-art 9-layer barrier-film extrusion line. In addition to our existing portfolio of films and laminates, we are launching two new films: DuraTuff™ Advance, which is a metallocene polyethylene (mPE) and nylon split-core, co-extruded film with oxygen barrier and excellent flexcrack resistance for chemicals, motor oil, and syrups; and EnduraShield™ Advance, which is a metallocene polyethylene (mPE), EVOH and nylon co-extruded film with superior oxygen barrier and strength for cheese, condiments, and sauces.

How does Scholle IPN develop tailored solutions with R&D and Packaging Applications Engineering resources?

JH: In anticipation of our 9-layer production line, Scholle IPN installed a 9-layer pilot line that allows us to conduct research and development projects to solve end-user issues. This line is used to screen different film structures, produce samples, and to manufacture scale-up quantities for potential customers. Once a solution is internally validated, our Package Application Engineers provide a validation protocol and on-site support during scale-up and commercialization efforts.

We also plan to use our pilot film extrusion line to deliver 9-layer film for applications which require small, lay-flat tubes.

How can customers start a film project with you?

JH: If you have any questions about our film and laminate offerings, or to discuss a project, please fill out the form below and a Scholle IPN representative will contact you. Or, you can email us at

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