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Expand your market appeal with flexible bag-in-box wine packaging.

Consumers are warming up to boxed wine. According to Gallo Consumer Wine Trends Surveys, 58% of surveyed consumers have purchased boxed wine. Their number one reason? Convenience. And 54% of surveyed consumers would be open to boxed wine as their “go to” in the refrigerator. This is great news for your brand. Flexible bag-in-box packaging keeps your wine fresher longer once opened, while offering more convenience, portability and sustainability. It’s simple to fill and more efficient to transport.

Boxed wine is good for your brand, your customer and the environment

  • Keeps air out after opening, preserving. freshness for up to 6 weeks.
  • Provides convenient “on-tap” dispensing.
  • Eliminates quality control problems like cork taint, “lightstruck” flavor damage, and breakage in transit.
  • Eco-conscious and sustainable: 91% less packaging materials, 79% less greenhouse gas emissions and 77% less total energy consumed during production than glass bottles.
  • Stands out on crowded store shelves and offers more room to display and position your brand.
  • Allows you to sell more volume with bulk packaging.
  • Expand your market for wine by the glass at high volume retailers like stadiums, concert venues, and amusement parks. Boxed wine’s compact, unbreakable, easy-to-use push-button interface saves serving time and eliminates waste from partially consumed bottles.

Boxed wine is easy to produce with Scholle IPN

By partnering with us, you benefit from our more than 60 years of experience providing industry-changing packaging, films, fitments, and filling equipment. Choose from our wide variety of products designed to meet your needs through every step of the packaging process from filling to dispensing. We offer several kinds of high-quality, automatic bag-in-box filling equipment with various capabilities. The SureFill 40 Fresh® filler offers solutions for higher volume production (3 to 20 Litres) with variable speed filling and processing capabilities. Or the TrueFill 900 Fresh® is ideal for lower-volume production as a semi-automatic, compact bag-in-box filler. Scholle IPN’s advanced barrier film and fitment tap technologies are designed to maximize your wine’s integrity and your customers’ experience. The famous FlexTap® offers push-button gravity dispensing with automatic shutoff and flow rate control. And we offer different types of barrier film for your bag-in-box to ensure you’ll find the ideal amount of protection, toughness and flexibility needed to meet your market demands.

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