Courting the New Wine Drinker

By Randy Austin

Wine lovers everywhere are coming around to the idea that good wines come in many shapes and sizes. They’re rejecting the notion that quality must come with a cork and embracing the fastest growing market segment of all – the box.

Adaptive growers and producers of fine wines are getting wise to the boxed wine trend, and supermarket shelves are filling up with offerings in 3-liter and 1.5-liter sizes, with options to satisfy sommeliers and armchair enthusiasts alike. As the format gains popularity and esteem among consumers, the market for boxed wine is becoming increasingly dynamic.


Here’s why boxed wine is the wine world’s rising star:

  • The freedom to have just one (without the guilt) – We’ve all done it. Opened a bottle, drank half and returned to it a few days later to find it tastes more like vinegar than the balanced varietal we remember. It’s no wonder that, according to a Gallo survey, almost all frequent wine drinkers have tried wines in cans, cartons – and boxes. Consumers love the option to have a glass or two at a time and never worry about spoilage because they didn’t finish the bottle quickly enough. Air and light stay out and the wine stays good for weeks, with every glass as good as the first.
  • It’s what’s inside that counts – While consumers are often drawn to a chic label or a quirky name, the quality of the contents is what keeps wine lovers coming back. According to the survey, two thirds of wine drinkers have purchased a bottle based on the label, but 76% say it’s the taste that makes them buy again. And once they experience their favorite wine in a box – perhaps the most convenient format ever – brand loyalty is won.
  • Sustainable convenience – Not only is boxed wine more convenient to make, transport, and store, but boxed wine means less packaging overall. That helps both consumers and producers reduce their carbon footprint.
  • An advertising-friendly package – The box is so much more than a wine receptacle. It’s extra billboard space for advertising your wine to consumers who are thirsty for information. Not to mention, in a sea of bottles, a box is bound to catch eyes.
  • Blazing new trails – The up-and-coming generation of wine enthusiasts are eager to experiment, and love to be among the first wave to jump on a trend. Millennials aren’t bogged down with the “rules” of what type of packaging delivers their wine; they’re more apt to try novel, practical, and convenient forms of delivery and imbibe in wines recommended on blogs and social media.

So, how can a producer connect with the wine-by-the-glass drinker and enter the fast-growing boxed wine market? With packaging professionals who are there for you and your wine, every step of the way. Scholle IPN is more than a packaging company – we lead the industry in developing bag-in-box solutions. We have the expertise to help you choose from a range of filling equipment, taps, and bags, to ensure your boxes fit properly and to help you take your wine to market with a network of upstream and downstream resources. With packaging application engineers at your side, getting into the box – and the casual wine drinker’s glass – couldn’t be simpler.

Randy Austin is the Product Line Manager for Scholle IPN.

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