Flexible Expertise

The Spring edition of Packaging & Converting Intelligence magazine features an in-depth article with Lani Craddock, Scholle IPN’s Vice President of Retail Products. You can see the entire article on Scholle IPN flexible packaging here. Please take a moment to read how Lani describes Scholle IPN’s unique set of competencies and how they help drive value for our global customers.

(originally printed in Packaging & Converting Intelligence magazine – Spring 2016)

Flexible Expertise

ScholleIPN_CloverCap_two_pouch_yogurtA leader in aseptic flexible packaging for the six decades, Scholle IPN continues to create innovative packaging products, aided by the flexibility to control many individual steps within the manufacturing process. Lani Craddock, vice president of retail products, tells Packaging & Converting Intelligence how this ‘single point of accountability’ allows the company to serve its customers and provide safe, sustainable, and cost-effective packaging, whatever their requirements.

Please could you start by outlining Scholle IPN’s areas of expertise in packaging?

Lani Craddock: Scholle IPN has decades of experience in helping brands bring food, beverage and non-food products to markets safely, naturally, economically, and sustainably. Each year, we help deliver over 100 billion servings of food and beverage alone.

ScholleIPN_Maxx_bulk_IBC_packageThe company is a pioneering force in aseptic flexible packaging. We began producing high-acid, aseptic-capable bag-in-box packaging systems for bulk fruit and vegetables in the late 1960s, and then low-acid, aseptic-capable bag-in-box packaging systems for dairy market segments in the early 1980s.

We continue to develop packaging solutions to improve our customers’ products. With our extensive industry knowledge and considerable expertise, we’ve been able to help customers deliver unique solutions to solve problems that have challenged many industries.

How does being in control of so many steps within the packaging-manufacturing process help you to better meet customers’ specific needs?

ScholleIPN_SureFill_400x400We control many steps within the packaging-manufacturing process: injection moulding of spouts, caps, fitments, and components; extrusion and lamination of film; converting films into bags or pouches; and the design, manufacture and service of equipment for filling pouches and bag-in-box packaging. We have the single point of ownership and responsibility that simplifies out customers’ lives. They are able to focus on what they do best: producing amazing food, beverages and sophisticated industrial products.

Vertical integration can also speed up innovation because we simultaneously develop film, fitment and filling equipment products that serve as an entire system.

With our comprehensive knowledge of the industry, we’re able to help customers throughout the testing, selection, design, installation, and post-launch activities, which are necessary to bring a successful product to the market. We also recognise when something is outside of our options of solutions or a better solution is available in the marketplace, and will then develop partnerships with other vendors to bring better packaging to our customers.

Shelf life and durability throughout the product life cycle is essential, particularly when it comes to food products and edible oils. How do you ensure your packaging is safe, robust and long-lasting, while helping your customers meet the regulatory requirements?

ScholleIPN_flip_top_capsWe have rigorous developmental processes designed and improved over decades to ensure we meet regulatory requirements. We work closely with the USFDA, other regulatory bodies and with third-party process authorities to accelerate our design, engineering and manufacturing processes. Considering all aspects of the process from the start help us ensure maximum safety for the end consumer. We have dedicated teams of packaging applications engineers, material scientists and field service technicians across the globe that transition customers into our new packaging formats and provide ongoing support. By setting up our development organization in this way, we advance our products and systems to meet changing customers’ needs.

With concerns surrounding BPA and bans in some countries, are you able to supply BPA-free packaging?

Recently, there has been an incredible amount of media coverage on BPA, which has caused many to wonder if they are being exposed to it, and what the resulting health effects could be. Scholle IPN has no bags and pouches that contain–or are made with–BPA. Regardless of whether or not BPA has negative health effects, it is not found in Scholle IPN’s bags and pouches.

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