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Keep your fruits and vegetables fresh longer with minimal processing in our flexible bag-in-box and stand-up pouch packaging.

When you’re dealing with products that must taste and smell as if they were picked yesterday, count on Scholle IPN to keep what matters locked in. Our aseptic bag-in-box packaging keeps fruits and vegetables fresher for longer, and provides cost improvement and security of supply that ensures your brand equity is maintained. Our packaging is designed to improve overall yields, reduce product spoilage and improve shelf-life for the food processor with traceability. Partner with us and we’ll bring our technical capability, quality standards, and vast industry experience so you can safely and reliably provide top-quality fruit and vegetable products all across the globe.

Carry food safely from farm to table with bag-in-box packaging

Protect your valuable processed fruit and vegetable products throughout the long, volatile supply chain with Scholle IPN bag-in-box packaging. Whether you’re packaging particulate fruit and vegetable products, frozen fruit concentrates, or vegetable pastes, Scholle IPN has innovative solutions that are safe, natural, economic and sustainable. Our bag-in box packaging allows you to:

  • Keep product fresh for up to 6 weeks after opening.
  • Offer 100% preservative-free products with aseptic packaging.
  • Use lightweight, easy-to-handle packaging that requires no tying at closure.
  • Ensure safe food ingredients with industry leading, closed systems that minimize product exposure.
  • Eliminate product waste with up to 99.5% evacuation from packaging.
  • Streamline dispensing operator workflow and reduce worker fatigue.
  • Differentiate your product with unique package design.

Save money and space by replacing bulky jugs and pails

With bag-in-box, you can store more in a smaller space. Empty bag-in-box packaging arrives and stores flat. Once filled, its compact footprint and low product-to-package ratio reduces outbound shipping and warehousing costs. And with our aseptic packaging, you eliminate the need for expensive cold chain logistics. Bag-in-box packaging is also easy to recycle, and eliminates costs and logistics of container retrieval and cleaning for your institutional and food service clients. Scholle IPN can make transitioning to bag-in-box packaging easy. Our vertical integration as a manufacturer has proven to consistently deliver cost savings to our clientèle. Let us partner with you to remove obstacles, innovate solutions and ensure your market needs are met.

Bag-in-box fruit and vegetable products are easy to produce with Scholle IPN

Scholle IPN pioneered the first aseptic packaging systems which revolutionized the way bulk processed tomatoes are stored and transported throughout the world today. Your bag-in-box packaging is easily filled by a range of Scholle IPN filling equipment depending on your needs. For high volume production, the fully automatic Scholle IPN SureFill® Series has you covered. This series offers different processing options like Fresh, Extended Shelf Life (ESL), and Aseptic Processing for both high-acid and low-acid products. SureFill® machines ensure convenience and consistent quality with pre-programmable, modular, and Servo-engineered design. And our semi-automatic TrueFill® bag-in-box fillers are ideal for lower volume production and market trial testing.

Customize your bag-in-box packaging with our films and fitments

We offer an array options for both barrier film and closures/connectors to ensure your bag-in-box will meet market needs. Scholle’s superior barrier films retain product integrity by protecting moisture, flavor and aroma levels, and keeping oxygen out. We also offer a variety of caps and plugs designed for fruit and vegetable products such as the 2600™ Plug and 1700™ Cap.

Offer your fruits and vegetables in convenient, clean and portable stand-up pouches

Whether you’re packaging single-serve pouches of applesauce, or convenient, portable packages of tomato sauce, you can rely on our CleanPouch™ System—the safe, convenient, and reliable stand-up pouch packaging solution backed globally by Scholle IPN technology and service. CleanPouch™ System offers:

  • Lightweight packaging that’s more compact during transport.
  • Sustainability with less emissions in production and less waste in landfills.
  • Continuous manufacturing process from transformation to loading.
  • 100% in-line control of pouch integrity.
  • High automation, reducing chance of human error or contamination.
  • Standard 84mm width pouch.
  • Customizable injection molding capabilities.
  • Clean Room Manufacturing of all pouches and components.

Our premade CleanPouch works seamlessly with Scholle IPN’s CleanPouch Rotary Filler, and is also compatible with current market filling systems. This stand-up pouch is compliant with US and EU legislation, and pouches are supplied on rails that auto-feed into the filling machine.

Fill your stand-up pouches with our CleanPouch Rotary Filler

This fast and reliable filling machine offers you a complete pouch packaging solution with a small footprint, automation ability, and a simple, user-friendly design that’s easy to clean and operate. Plus it’s backed by Scholle IPN’s ongoing engineering and service support. Use this machine to fill our premade spouted stand-up CleanPouch at 120/240 pouches per minute at 4-up filling stations.

Top your stand-up pouch packaging with our customizable spout and cap components

Check out our line of easy-to-open spouts and caps, including our most popular, choke-proof Clover Cap. Our caps are easy to open for all ages, and shapes and colors are customizable shapes to fit any brand. All our stand-up pouch components are manufactured in sanitary environments and compatible with existing filling lines.

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