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The Versatility for Post-Mix Beverages You’ve Been Waiting For

If you work in the beverage dispensing industry, you’ve probably encountered obstacles and challenges that come with changing and connecting bags of post-mix beverage products. While delivering to convenience stores and restaurants across the country, a typical service worker will encounter a wide variety of connector-types at the end-of-line tubing; and bringing along a variety of those connectors doesn’t guarantee they’ll always have the one they need to make the connection. This industry inconsistency creates hassles for suppliers; like the need for expensive change parts on filling equipment and halting operations for maintenance teams to make time-consuming adjustments on equipment.

Versi Box and ConnectorEnter Scholle IPN’s Versi™, the first universal, high-flow beverage fitment compatible with all relevant fountain connectors and filling equipment. Developed by Scholle IPN, the top global supplier of market-shaping bag-in-box solutions, Versi is “the very first high-flow, truly universal connection system the whole world can use,” says Kevin Bergenthun, Regional Commercial Director at Scholle IPN. “Looking at the history of fitments and overall connection systems in the world, this is one of those, ‘finally-someone-did-it!’ kind of moments. We looked at the issues facing beverage producers today, and crafted this connection system as a logical solution for all by thinking of the customers’ needs first.”

Useful Throughout the Whole Supply Chain

“All the way through the system, Versi is just better,” Bergenthun affirms. “With a seamless changeover on all filling equipment, beverage producers can be confident they won’t have the expenses of changing over their filler or making adjustments when filling and capping. And they don’t have to maintain dual inventories because it’s a high-flow connection system as well.” Whether you’re dealing with post-mix syrup or more viscous beverage products like juices and bar mixes, Versi can accommodate.

“And for use in the trade, it brings peace of mind that you’ll have a consistent interface no matter what types of connectors you encounter,” Bergenthun continues. Service workers can carry this connection fitment knowing it will work with any bag they encounter.”

Superior Evacuation

In addition to all these benefits, the Versi connection system utilizes the Scholle IPN DipStrip™. This innovative device allows users to dispense nearly 99% of what’s inside, so valuable product isn’t wasted regardless of dispensing position.

Versi Product Line

While the Versi Bag-in-Box Fitment does have its own connector, its versatility allows you to utilize any relevant trade connector – therefore fitting in any beverage dispenser used around the globe with little to no adjustments. The Versi product line includes three different types of NSF-certified trade connectors, which can be made in custom-colored collars:
Versi Product Line

  • Versi ‘T’ Connector: Works well when connecting multiple bag-in-box in a series
  • Versi ‘S’ Connector: Works well when space is at a premium
  • Versi ‘L’ Connector: Works well when connecting one bag-in-box at a time or when using a changeover valve

Spotlight on Swanel

Who is Swanel?

Swanel was established in 1941 as a family-owned company to service the bottled seltzer needs of the tavern industry. Since then Swanel has continually grown and diversified and now serves five industries in all or parts of four states. Swanel Beverage specializes in great tasting fountain syrups and concentrated juices, as well as the installation and service of the associated dispensing equipment.

Swanel + Versi

After a considerable trial period, we went back to Swanel to hear more about their experience with the Versi. Throughout their experience, they kept noting how easy it was to use and how their service team didn’t have to worry about which connector was needed to hook up a bag.

While this fitment does have its own connector, its versatility allows you to utilize any trade connector – therefore fitting in any beverage dispenser. Let us help you get your product into more locations with the Versi connection system.

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