Join Scholle IPN at Coffee Fest Chicago 2017

Scholle IPN joins the top trade show for coffee professionals for the second time this year at Coffee Fest Chicago 2017, exhibiting June 9-11 at Navy Pier (Booth #1006).  As coffee retailers, distributors, and manufacturers prepare to gather and learn about emerging trends in the industry, we asked Andrew Lively, Sales Representative, to explain what Scholle IPN has to offer for this market.

What kind of unique challenges does coffee bring when it comes to packaging?

AL: Coffee is very oxygen sensitive. To get the best tasting product, you must limit the amount of oxygen to which the coffee is exposed. For flexible packaging, the challenge is finding the right kind of film and fitment combinations that will reduce oxygen exposure to the product until serving time. Over the last 60 years, Scholle IPN has pioneered barrier films for the entire flexible packaging industry. By working with our customers and learning from their needs, we’ve developed superior barrier film technology for our bag-in-box packaging, supplying coffee customers with films that allow minimum amounts of oxygen to permeate the bag. And our film experts are continually working to improve and develop new technology to counteract this challenge.

How is Scholle IPN uniquely positioned to help coffee companies sell their product in retail and foodservice settings?

AL: We’re unique in that we offer solutions for both retail and foodservice clients. For the foodservice market, we have relationships not only with coffee producers but also with coffee dispensing manufacturers for foodservice equipment. We work to produce superior barrier films and also fitments that interact seamlessly with the latest dispensing equipment. Our fitments are designed to improve the dispensing process, allowing them to serve the best possible product to their customers.

For the retail market, we’ve had long-standing success in providing flexible packaging solutions for products like boxed wine and other beverages, as well as stand-up pouches of various products like baby food and yogurt. We’re ready to leverage this expertise for our customers and transfer our successful solutions to the coffee market.   Whether ready-to-drink boxed coffee, cold brew, or bulk format coffee, Scholle IPN has solutions for retail coffee products.

What solutions will Scholle IPN be highlighting at this event?

AL: The “big new thing” this year is nitro cold brew coffee. This originally started in kegs and is now transitioning to bag-in-box. Scholle IPN is uniquely situated to serve this market because many nitro dispensers currently use our connection systems, such as our 1900 Cap Bag-in-Box Package. Whether they’re a major coffee producer or a small coffee shop, we can supply anything clients may need to produce nitro cold brew products—from specialized connectors, bags with the correct fitment, or even filling equipment to fill those bags.

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Browse our product library to see Scholle IPN’s coffee and tea related products or contact us with your questions or specific business needs.

Coffee Fest Chicago 2017 takes place June 9, 10, and 11 in Chicago, IL at Navy Pier. Scholle IPN will be in attendance, displaying its innovative coffee related products at booth #1006.

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