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Interpack is a world-renowned trade fair for the processing and packaging industry, bringing professionals from around the globe together at a single exhibition. We spoke with Ryan Balock, Director of Global Marketing Communications, to find out how Scholle IPN will be participating in this international event in 2017.

Why is Interpack important for Scholle IPN?

Interpack is massive. It’s the world’s largest packaging-focused trade event, and only happens every three years. Scholle IPN’s products cover more than 20 potential markets, including food, beverage, and non-food, and nearly all markets are represented at this event. Plus with our locations in the EMEA region, it’s critical for us to attend in order to show customers the new products we have to offer right in their region, and hopefully persuade them to come partner with us.

Many visit Interpack to find the “next big thing” in packaging. The industry really brings out its best for this event. Customers are bringing their top executives, their R&D staff, and their engineers, and they’re looking for key innovations that can help change their business. Scholle IPN needs to have our products and staff present at this event—to be part of that conversation and to show them all we have to offer.

How has Interpack benefitted Scholle IPN in previous years?

Our successful CleanPouch product line was first launched at Interpack 2014. We unveiled the CleanPouch System at that event, featuring both the Rotary Filler and the pouches. It was well received, and has become a very successful product line for us, which continues to grow.

Also, our connector components and packaging for dispensing systems have seen success in high-tech, customized coffee and soda dispensing machines in the European market. We built partnerships with clients, and now offer an ability to help liquid product suppliers marry their product with innovative dispensing technologies, such as vending machines and dispensers for cafeterias, quick serve restaurants, and convenience stores.

What will Scholle IPN bring to Interpack 2017?

We’ll display our leading flexible packaging and dispensing technologies, which bring our customers total solutions that keep their products safe, natural, economic and sustainable. And we’re bringing our top executives from the European region to the event, which can be unusual at trade shows. Scholle IPN’s directors from the EMEA region are eager to speak with both current and prospective customers, and to learn how we can help them take the next step in their journey.

What Scholle IPN products do you plan to feature?

Our SureFill 40 bag-in-box filler will be at the booth so customers can come see the machine in action. The SureFill 40 can do many types of processing in a single filling machine, including Fresh, ESL (Extended Shelf-Life), High-Acid Aseptic, and Low-Acid Aseptic. Offering all these in a single machine really simplifies the product offering for our customers. Now they can have one platform to work from, and as their business needs change, they don’t have to invest in a whole new filling system.

We’ll also feature some of our best fitments and flexible packaging solutions for use in dispensing equipment. We’ll have a small cafe inside our booth where people can get refreshments dispensed right from our products. Customers can learn more about products like our Sentry SafeLock® System, ideal for dairy beverage dispensing, with superior primary liquid seal protection, and low- and high-acid filling flexibility all within a single-fitment bag that directly connects to the end user’s dispensing equipment.

Also our CleanClic connectors are exciting products for dispensing technologies. Designed for form-fill-seal pouch applications, CleanClic keeps the pouch completely closed before, during and after the filling process, providing quick, spill-proof connection and disconnection between liquid pouches and dispensing systems. With a CleanClic connector, users literally plug-in the pouch to their dispenser, then simply pull it back out with no leaking. It’s incredibly user-friendly, and the spill-proof feature is so important for fast-paced environments where spills cause not just a mess to clean-up, but a disruption in operations and ability to serve paying customers.

Beyond dispensing, we’ll feature retail and other flexible packaging solutions for Wine, Spirits, and other beverages such as Juice and Water, as well as a wide range of our unique solutions like aseptic and bulk bags (300+ gallon) for processed fruits and vegetables.

Can you tell us more about what makes Scholle IPN unique?

Well, beyond our great products, which customers can learn about, we have several locations in Europe, so we’re well suited for business in the EMEA region from a manufacturing footprint standpoint. We’re in the right place for customers located in this region. Our manufacturing plants in the Netherlands and UK, and our sales offices across the region enable us to help customers set up their operations efficiently. Scholle IPN’s vertically integrated manufacturing is available on the continent where they’re located, which shortens their supply times, and gives them confidence in the quality of the packaging materials because it’s coming from same trusted place they’ve been doing business with from the start. And our packaging applications engineers and field service engineers can come right to them—they don’t have to sit around and wait for support. We can quickly respond to their needs.

Why sets Scholle IPN apart from its competitors?

Again, our vertical integrated manufacturing, and commitment to quality customer service. We’re able to offer smooth implementation of the entire process from designing a new package, to figuring out how to make it and use it in final dispensing. We manufacture our own film, fitments, and filling equipment, and make our own bags. Our injection molding of components and parts is one of the best in the business. We work closely with end-users to ensure our products meet market needs. Scholle IPN is equipped to make sure customers get the right solution for their needs the first time, then take that idea into production quickly and smoothly. Also we offer ongoing field support service around the world, so if anything goes wrong, our support staff can be on site within days to fix the problem. Our customer care is what makes Scholle IPN special.

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Browse our product library to see ScholleIPN’s array of products or contact us with your questions or specific business needs.

Interpack 2017 convenes May 4-10 in Dusseldorf, Germany. Visit Scholle IPN at Hall8b/C07 to discover more on our flexible packaging solutions and products.

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