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Pack Expo LogoPACK EXPO in Las Vegas is one of the largest packaging trade shows in the world every alternating year, hosting 30,000 attendees and 2,000 exhibitors. Through bringing together a global representation of the packaging and processing industry, attendees have the chance to see full-scale equipment in action, spot leading trends, and stay on top of the technological advancements. This year, the show takes place on September 23 – 25, 2019, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in co-location with the Healthcare Packaging Expo.

Scholle IPN is excited to be in attendance, (Booth #6808 in the Lower South Hall) displaying its leading pouch technology and flexible packaging innovation. We sat down with Kent Kisselle, Vice President and GM; Peter Messacar, Director of New Applications Team; and David Bellmore, Director of Technology; to learn more.

Why does Scholle IPN attend PACK EXPO year after year?

KK: This show gives Scholle IPN the opportunity to interact with many customers across various markets, from food to non-food to pharmaceuticals. We enjoy bringing new product offerings and our industry leading technology, including the CleanPouch® Aseptic system, to existing and new customers, fostering growth in the packaging and processing industry.

Will Scholle IPN be introducing any new equipment this year?

SureFill 50PPM: Since the introduction and commercialization of the CleanPouch Aseptic system, we have had a tremendous amount of interest from customers looking to develop new products, specifically for the aseptic process and spouted pouch package format. It has proven to be a significant breakthrough for us, winning the Plastics News Plastics Caps & Closures 2018 Innovation Award and offering new opportunities for low-acid products that previously resorted to retort. We recognize that jumping to the SureFill® 100P – Aseptic high-speed, rotary filler right away might not work for everyone. We are happy to introduce the new SureFill® 50P – Aseptic, a pilot-scale, semi-automatic spouted pouch filler, used by customers to test and commercialize new products. It is suited for pilot facilities, R&D labs, and start-up and trial production as it was designed with a very compact footprint, utilizing all of Scholle IPN’s latest aseptic filling technologies.

What new products will Scholle IPN be showcasing?

RecShieldDB: We’ve identified a movement in the spouted pouch market from aluminum foil-based laminates to transparent laminates, and then ultimately to a transparent and recyclable option. We are happy to announce that Scholle IPN has a solution for transparency and recyclability through the introduction of our RecShield™ film for spouted pouches.

Pouches made from RecShield deliver the product protection and long shelf life required for applications such as applesauce, but they can also be recycled along with other polyethylene films. RecShield’s transparency allows brands to design labels around the tantalizing colors of aseptically-sterilized or hot-filled products. Through the utilization of RecShield, pouch products do not have to compromise on barrier protection to provide an environmentally-conscious alternative for packaging.

Use of Augmented Reality to Help Visualize Fillers

Augmented RealityKK: Dimensions of filler footprints may be hard to visualize in the busy environment of a trade show. While the SureFill 50P – Aseptic will be on display in Scholle IPN’s booth, our utilization of augmented reality will help visitors grasp the size of the SureFill 100P – Aseptic. We are excited to continue innovating in ways our customers do not expect. Incorporating AR into our booth experience allows us to spend less time explaining logistics and more time diving into solutions.

Why should Pack Expo attendees stop by the Scholle IPN booth?

PM: As always, we will have engineers from our Packaging Applications team, as well as our Equipment Development team, on-site to discuss our equipment offerings and how our packaging and fitments interact with the filling environment. Additionally, members of our commercial team can discuss the next steps for pulling ideas from the drawing board and turning them into a new business venture. This is invaluable to anyone who wants to know how to execute new projects in their specific product environments.

Are there additional opportunities to network with Scholle IPN?

KK: With a location like Vegas, it seems only fitting that we host a complimentary happy hour for our attendees. The event will take place on September 23, from 2pm – 4pm, at Booth #6808.

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Browse our product library to view Scholle IPN’s end-to-end solutions. Make sure to contact us with questions or specific business needs, or swing by Booth #6808 in the Lower South Hall to talk with us in person.

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