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Scholle IPN is proud to announce that it will take part in this year’s PACK EXPO trade show in Las Vegas, exhibiting on September 25-27, 2017 (Booth #6156 in the Lower South Hall). The PACK EXPO trade shows unite the world of packaging and processing to advance the industries they serve. This year’s trade show is projected to have over 2000 exhibitors from around the globe and more than 30,000 attendees. All forms of packaging as well as the systems to support those packaging solutions, will be represented.

We asked Lani Craddock, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Scholle IPN, to tell us more about why they wanted to join PACK EXPO again this year and what attendees can look forward to seeing from Scholle IPN.

Why does Scholle IPN regularly taken part in PACK EXPO?

LC: It is a great way for Scholle IPN to connect with a broad range of customers in various markets. For example, our existing customers may learn that our total systems offering includes consumer pouches. We also have the opportunity to introduce our capabilities to new customers that may not be as familiar with our overall product offering, such as our strength as a supplier of Bag-in-Box technologies.

What products will Scholle IPN feature this year?

Scholle IPN will showcase three fillers this year; our fully-automated SureFill 40 for Bag-in-Box, the SureFill 100P for pouch and the TrueFill 100P which is our semi-automatic pouch filler. In addition, we will show a wide range of bags, pouches, and fitments to support our customer markets. There will also be dispensers available to show how our total system supports our customers and their products in real life. These dispensers can range from beverage to frozen dessert types of products.

We will have engineers from our Packaging Applications team, as well as our Equipment development team, on-site to discuss our equipment offerings and how our packaging and fitments interact with the filling environment. This is invaluable to customers and prospects who want to know how to execute new projects in their specific product environments.

Scholle IPN is fully committed to our packaging systems throughout their useful life, making after-market support an important element of our offering. Lastly, members of our commercial team will be available to discuss any potential projects and next steps.

What will Scholle IPN’s presentation cover on the Pack Expo Innovation Stage?

LC: At 11am on Monday, September 25 at the Pack Expo Innovation Stage, Scholle IPN will be introducing our new-to-the-world premade aseptic pouch system, which is the CleanPouch Aseptic Pouch with a SureFill 100P Aseptic filler. This innovation will deliver against some very specific market trends that are important to our industry.

Important to the brand owner is the fact that consumers want transparency in their food and beverage formulations. This clean label trend is well supported by our new technology. On the operations side, the use of the premade pouch and filler system simplifies their ability to adopt the technology and maintain critical control of the filling environment. We believe this translates into higher efficiencies and better confidence in their final product.

Why should PACK EXPO attendees visit the Scholle IPN booth?

LC: Anyone who has a current project (or even better, one on the drawing board), will find the people they need to talk to to get that project to the next phase. It is not unusual to have a conversation at the show, draw a concept on the back of a napkin, and then work with us to bring that idea to reality.

For others, having the ability to see a filler in action sparks an idea for a new project they might not even have thought of prior to attending the show. Attendees will have the ability to meet individuals from both our technical and commercial organization in one place, facilitating robust conversations.

Finally, for current customers and potential clients, they can also pick up a pass to our customer appreciation VIP event set for Monday night. After all, it is Vegas!

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