Join Us at the 2018 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium

The Unified Wine & Grape Symposium is the largest wine and grape conference in the nation, focusing mainly on issues, topics, and trends facing the wine and grape world today. This year the conference will be held between January 23th – 25th at the Sacramento Convention Center.

As in past years, Scholle IPN will be in attendance (booth #1220) displaying its leading, boxed-wine technology, as well as a few other products and ideas. To gain a deeper insight into exactly what we’ll be doing there, we sat down with Scholle IPN’s Product Line Manager, Randy Austin, to get the inside scoop.

Why does Scholle IPN attend the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium?

RA: Scholle IPN is the leading supplier of flexible packaging to the North American wine industry. In support of this industry growth, we have continued to expand our capabilities and capacity in the Central Valley of California. Our customer partners range from the top ten largest in the world to crafted boutique wineries. The vast majority of these decision makers will be in attendance, so we’re excited to connect with them.

We want to communicate directly with the winemakers, explaining how the benefits of bag-in-box packaging can protect their wine, as well as provide value and convenience for the consumer.

What Can Attendees Expect to Find at Our Booth?

RA: The boxed wine category continues to grow year over year particularly in the premium boxed wine segment. Our goal is to connect with traditional wineries and have an open conversation about why this growth will continue and how we can help their business grow.

At our booth we typically show the trending brands, varietals, and visually stunning packaging that is in the bag-in-box format today. In addition, we have tools available to help wineries get started with boxed wine and technical information on what specific packaging configurations we would recommend for their wine.

What New Products Will Scholle IPN be Showcasing this Year?

RA: Scholle IPN is committed to continually innovating. We have several new developments that we will be showing at the symposium. Two of our key products are focused on freshness and making sure the wines taste as the winemaker intended, from when the box is tapped until the final drop is consumed.

The biggest contributor to a shortened shelf life for wine is oxygen.  It’s critical to control the filling process and maintain the integrity of the wine through distribution. The new SureFill 12 MAP bag-in-box filler features a modified atmosphere chamber that limits the amount of oxygen that can enter the wine during filling.

In addition, FlexiPlus is an active barrier film that scavenges for oxygen molecules and keeps them from degrading the wine. New products like these, combined with our hands on packaging applications and field service personnel, are what set us apart in the industry.

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