Join Us at the NAMA Coffee, Tea & Water Tradeshow

For the second year in a row, Scholle IPN is pleased to announce that it will take part in the 10th annual NAMA Coffee, Tea & Water tradeshow on November 6-8, in Grapevine Texas! You can find us at Booth #828.

NAMA Coffee, Tea and Water is the world’s largest coffee service event dedicated to the $4.25 billion U.S. coffee services industry. This tradeshow not only offers world-class industry networking opportunities, but also provides high-quality education and research for its attendees.

Why did Scholle IPN decide to join the tradeshow again this year?

The coffee, tea and water markets are a growing area of focus for Scholle IPN as consumers seek out more natural and better for you beverage options. There is great synergy here because many of Scholle IPN’s products particularly lend themselves to the coffee, tea and water industries because of the high taste standards that consumers demand. Our R&D has been developing products that enable clean labeling of craft brewed beverages with the added-value of on-tap convenience.

Over the past few years there has been a tremendous amount of growth in the ready-to-drink cold brew coffee market. Scholle IPN’s flexible packaging solutions allow this low-acid product to be brewed cold and kept cold through the entire distribution chain. A great example of this is Wandering Bear, who is hot on the trend of cold-brew right now. Their products can be found in high-end retail locations like Eataly, to high-value locations like Costco and Target. Along with ready-to-drink products, Scholle IPN also offers coffee concentrate options for coffee shops, restaurants and more. Read the Aspen Beverages success story.

With respect to water, Scholle IPN offers incredible convenience and flexibility due to the range of sizes that are offered; from 1-5 liter retail applications, to 400ml stand-up pouches, through to larger sizes for industrial food services and bulk needs. As water becomes more of a scarce resource globally, there is a growing need for fresh drinking water to be at the right place at the right time. Scholle IPN’s flexible bag-in-box and stand-up pouch packaging have a smaller packaging footprint that saves space, a better product-to-package ratio making them easier to ship and store, and are all BPA-free and recyclable wherever #7 plastics are accepted.

What products will Scholle IPN be featuring at the tradeshow?

This year, we’ll be featuring our film specifically designed for water named 2Pure. Along with 2Pure, you can learn more about our aseptic bag-in-box packaging solutions that use FlexTap, various food service dispensing products such as the 1900 fitment, and our new CleanPouch Aseptic product.

Want to know more?

Find us at booth #828 during the show, browse our product library to see Scholle IPN’s end-to-end solutions, or contact us with your questions or specific business needs.

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