Can Scholle IPN bag-in-box bags be recycled?

recycle_symbolSome of Scholle IPN’s bag-in-box bags and taps are recyclable where resin/recycle code 7 is accepted. Code 7, or “Other,” refers to products containing mixed plastics or those which might have additional components including non-petroleum-based plastics. If a Scholle IPN product is marked Code 7, it is likely because the tap or spout has a different type of plastic than the bag itself.

Some of Scholle IPN’s bag-in-box bags and taps are marked as Code 4, or “LDPE.” Low-density polyethylene is a common plastic used in flexible packaging and is easily recyclable by most municipalities.

As always, recyclability of bag-in-box bags is contingent upon the disposal requirements of the product contained and the capabilities of the local municipality.

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