Non-Food Packaging

Flexible bag-in-box and pouch packaging protect chemical and fluid products while making them easier to dispense. In retail, business, or industrial settings, our products reduce hazards, costs, and product waste, while increasing efficiency and safety.

Non-Food Packaging Products

Packaging that protects workers, consumers, and your product.

Scholle IPN delivers confidence in every package. Our efficient and creative flexible packaging systems are ideal for aggressive products that require careful handling. Strong films, fitments, and connectors form closed-loop systems that keep your products secure, so it’s safer for those who manufacture, transport, and use them. Our simple yet fail-safe solutions protect those who package and dispense your products. And our packaging dispenses nearly 99% of what’s inside, eliminating product waste while preserving profits—all while keeping excess packaging out of our landfills.

Scholle IPN's Key Packaging Traits

Safe Packaging


Keep products clean, secure and fit-for-use while meeting regulatory concerns.

Natural Packaging


Maintain high quality without preservatives, protecting freshness.

Sustainable Packaging


Protect our planet's resources by reducing product and packaging waste.

Economic Packaging


Provide affordable and efficient access to product, reducing shipping and storage costs.

Featured Non-Food Products

FlexTap Bag-In-Box Package packaging product FlexTap Bag-In-Box Package Push-button gravity dispensing with automatic shutoff and flow rate control.
35mm Flip-Top, Snap-Fit Cap packaging product 35mm Flip-Top, Snap-Fit Cap The Scholle IPN Flip-Top, Snap-Fit Cap keeps your products fresh and easy to use.
40mm Flip-Top, Snap-Fit Cap packaging product 40mm Flip-Top, Snap-Fit Cap The Scholle IPN Flip-Top, Snap-Fit Cap keeps your products fresh and easy to use.
1900 Cap Bag-In-Box Package packaging product 1900 Cap Bag-In-Box Package Dispense products safely and economically with this closed-loop option for pump-out dispensers.
DD09 – 5.5mm (without tamper ring) packaging product DD09 – 5.5mm (without tamper ring) Provides quick pour-out functionality for small particulates in retail applications.
Disclaimer: The information listed above is supplied in good faith and does not comprise a specification or warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including those of merchantability and fitness for purpose. Customers should determine the suitability of these materials for their specific use based upon their own internal criteria. Tests on individual samples may vary from those shown. This is an uncontrolled document and is subject to change/improvement without notice.

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