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Our flexible packaging helps you put potentially dangerous chemicals to work while keeping workers and consumers safe.

It’s vital to keep cleaning chemicals safe at every level of the supply chain. Scholle IPN’s closed-loop packaging and connectors keep your products secure, so it’s safer for those who manufacture, transport, and use them. Whether you’re packaging bulk cleaning chemicals for institutional use, or looking for easy-to-use, innovative packaging of cleaning products for retail consumers, our bag-in-box and stand-up pouches provide flexible packaging solutions that:

  • Are easy-to-use and dispense with less mess.
  • Have a smaller packaging footprint that saves space.
  • Have a better product-to-package ratio making them easy to ship and store.
  • Collapse as they’re used, leaving minimal package waste.
  • Make it easy to “get it all out” of the package, reducing product waste.
  • Are built with strong film structures and seals empowering an ability to sell and ship your products via e-commerce.

Bag-in-box cleaning chemicals can save money while increasing efficiency and safety

Scholle IPN’s controlled bag-in-box dispensing system allows for accurate mixing, which reduces the risk of waste or exposing workers to overly-harsh or hazardous chemicals. Our unique bag-in-box fitment designs eliminate glugging and spills, dispensing quickly and precisely. Our reliable and innovative bag-in-box packaging solutions:

  • Provide robust, tamper-evident products.
  • Offer convenience with bulk flexible packaging that can easily refill spray bottles and other rigid containers when needed.
  • Optimize transportation, storage, and merchandising of your product
  • Allow you to package concentrates for mixing on-site, saving money on shipping and allowing for variable levels of strength in formulations.

Bag-in-box is an UN-Certifiable package that offers cost savings throughout the supply chain. Bag-in-box arrives at your plant flat, maximizing your inbound logistics. Filled bag-in-box has a smaller package footprint than jugs and pails, allowing more filled products to be placed on a pallet. Plus, with bag-in-box, you can ship your product in concentrate and add water later. These benefits create shipping and storage efficiencies which add up to significant cost saving through the supply chain.

Bag-in-box is easy to produce with Scholle IPN

By partnering with us, you will benefit from our experience providing industry-changing packaging formats and filling equipment. Scholle IPN offers solutions for all steps in the bag-in-box manufacturing process. Our vertical integration can simplify your process and speed up innovation because we simultaneously develop film, fitment, and filling equipment products that serve as an entire system. Check out our automated filling equipment for bag-in-box cleaning chemicals with various filling speeds and processing capabilities depending on your needs. And protect users from dangerous formulations with our bag-in-box fitments and taps suited for dispensing cleaning chemicals.

Offer your cleaning chemicals in convenient and safe stand-up pouches

Increase your market appeal by offering your cleaning chemical products in our highly-convenient and portable stand-up pouch packaging. Everything from furniture polishes to laundry or dish soap can be offered in efficient and economical stand-up pouches that make it easy to get every last drop out of the package. Our stand-up pouches are lightweight, yet built and sealed strong, making them ideal for expanding e-commerce potential of your cleaning products. Stand-up pouches are also a great way to offer samples of your product, allowing customers to sample your product before purchasing larger amounts for use.

Stand-up pouch packaging is easy to produce with Scholle IPN

Scholle IPN is trusted by major brands and co-packers because our spouted stand-up pouch packaging solutions are unique and engineered for quality and safety. Our CleanPouch™ System provides a complete, safe, convenient, and reliable pouch packaging solution that’s backed globally by Scholle IPN technology and service. This system offers:

  • Customizable pouch sizes from 50-450ml.
  • Continuous automated manufacturing with in-line control of pouch integrity.
  • Hotfill, fresh, and retort processing capabilities
  • Seamless filling of CleanPouch pouches with our user-friendly CleanPouch Rotary Filler that’s easy to clean and operate and has a small footprint.

In addition to our CleanPouch System, we also offer larger spouted stand-up pouch packaging solutions. Plus Scholle IPN is a proven leader in component and injection molding designs, offering offer a variety of spout and cap components suited for form-fill-seal pouch applications of cleaning chemicals.

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