SureFill 30 – Low-Acid

Offer high-value aseptic products for multiple customers, uses, and channels while cutting manufacturing costs.

Filling Speeds (QSS / 900 Spout)
227 Liters/Minute (60 gallons)
Liters / (Gallons) Bags-per-Minute
3.0 / (0.8) 13-15
4.0 / (1.0) 12-14
5.0 / (1.3) 11-13
10 / (2.6) 9-10
20.0 / (5.3) 6-7
  • Package Format
    • Equipment
  • Tamper Evident
    • No
  • Filling Method
    • Through Spout
  • Processing
    • Fresh, Low-Acid Aseptic
  • Markets
  • Footprint
    • • Height: 2610 mm (103 inches)
      • Length: 4179 mm (165 inches)
      • Width: 3995 mm ( 157 inches)

  • Required Services
    • • Air Supply: 90-140 PSI, 40CFM (dry/oil free)
      • Power (3-Phase): 240VAC, 30Amps, 60 Hz
      • Culinary Steam Supply: 45 psi with pressure relief
      • Sterilization Skid: 50 psi (min), 30 SCFM
      • Supply Connection: 1½” Tri-Clover clamp

  • Equipped With
    • • E&H Magnetic Flow Meter (1.5” standard)
      • PLC Controlled (Allen Bradley and Panelview - Series)
      • Ethernet Controls Communications
      • Servo Driven Product Valve and Capping mechanism
      • Scholle Vapor Sterilant Technology (VST) – Hydrogen Peroxide System
      • Fitment Indexer with Extended Sterilization Tunnel
      • Steam Sterilization & Over pressured Sterile Air in Chamber during Operation
      • In-feed Shuttle System with Pre-Separation of bags
      • Airless Fill Pad Technology
      • Stainless Steel Frame & Cabinet
      • Complete set of Installation and User Manuals

More Information

The Scholle IPN SureFill® 30 Low-Acid is a single lane automatic web filling machine. The machine is capable of packaging low-acid products in 4- to 20-liter bag sizes. The filler is equipped with a monitor interfaced to a programmable controller assuring low-acid aseptic conditions during sterilization and filling operations. All product contact surfaces are constructed out of 316L stainless steel.

This system has audible and visual warning indicators; a messaging system that displays fault condition(s) and, if necessary, stops the filling operation. In addition, if necessary, product may be automatically diverted away from the filler with messaging to upstream processing control.

This filler is of modular design and can be configured to address a variety of packaging and bag loading options: from flat-drop to end-loading configurations.

Disclaimer: The information listed above is supplied in good faith and does not comprise a specification or warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including those of merchantability and fitness for purpose. Customers should determine the suitability of these materials for their specific use based upon their own internal criteria. Tests on individual samples may vary from those shown. This is an uncontrolled document and is subject to change/improvement without notice.

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