Scholle IPN Expands with New Plant in India

With manufacturing and support facilities located across the globe, Scholle IPN has long been the world-leader in bag-in-box production and a growing force for spouted pouch packaging and injection molding of precision fitments for flexible packaging. In 2017, we opened a new, modern production facility in Palghar, India. To shed light on this new facility, we sat down with Dhandutt Shah, Managing Director of Scholle IPN India Packaging Pvt. Ltd..

When did the Palghar facility officially open?

DS: The new facility officially opened on December 14th, 2016. We are now in full production on our lines and things are proceeding very well.

Why did Scholle IPN decide to expand their operations in India?

DS: For starters, the Indian packaging industry is quickly growing. The central government is predicting a climb from $25 billion USD to $35 billion USD over the next three years. From the product side, India is a very large producer of mangos and other tropical fruits which require aseptic packaging to effectively and economically distribute them throughout the supply chain. Currently, all aseptic drum bags are imported. So, to resolve this difficult supply chain issue, we chose to install production capabilities in-country. We already have facilities in other parts of Asia, and with the sizable market requirements and growing industry, India really seemed like the next, best place to build infrastructure.

How large is this new facility?

DS: The new 6,000 square meter facility is outfitted with 25 injection molding machines and the ability to manufacture aseptic bag-in-box packaging.

How does this new facility support growth within this region?

DS: Until the new Palghar facility opened, bag-in-box packaging for aseptically-processed fruit and vegetables, and post-mix syrup for soft drinks were being imported from other regions. Now this requirement will be fulfilled locally. Our location will help to build the industry within this area and those surrounding. But that’s not it. On top of creating bags, our new facility also plans to encourage and explore new flexible packaging applications and uses. Scholle IPN has a long history of pioneering unique, better packaging solutions and, in India, we are well-resourced to continue doing just that.

What are some of the key features and products you plan to focus on at this facility?

DS: We will be primarily focused on making aseptic drum bags for the tropical fruit juice industry. As I previously mentioned, we will have a bag-in-box manufacturing machine. This machine will allow our facility to manufacture bags ranging from 3-liters to 220-liters, with a variety of barrier layers including: aluminum foil, metallized polyester, and even co-extruded nylon. Additionally, the bag-in-box manufacturing machine will be equipped with special neck band and delta seal features required in this market.

While we’ll primarily focus on aseptic drum bags, this facility is unique in that we will also manufacture spouts and even build our own product molds for flexible packaging components like connectors, caps, and dispensing fitments.

How will this new investment in India support Scholle IPN’s overall strategy?

DS: We are dedicated to serving world-class brands in the best way possible. We want to be a vital ally in innovation and production of leading flexible packaging solutions. By producing cost-effective fitments and bag-in-box packaging in regions where our customers are growing, we will support Scholle IPN’s overall strategy towards continued leadership in producing safe, natural, economic, and sustainable flexible packaging solutions.

How does this facility plan to work with customers to help further their success?

DS: By building a facility in India, we’re basically cutting out an “import middleman.” Now our customers can receive the shortest supply lead times, fastest responses, and ultimately begin to build confidence in local support. Seeing is believing and we’re ready to grow with our customers.


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