Scholle IPN offers the First Bag-in-Box Fillers with 3-A Authorization

Scholle IPN, a global leader in flexible packaging solutions, is now authorized to display the 3-A Authorization on their SureFill® 40 line of fillers, which includes the High-Acid, Low-Acid, and ESL bag-in-box fillers. This was based upon our full compliance with the requirements of published 3-A Sanitary Standard 17-11 for Formers, Fillers, and Sealers of Containers for Fluid Products. We are the first equipment manufacturer to be authorized to use the 3-A Authorization on bag-in-box fillers, as verified by our 3-A auditor.

The 3-A Authorization requires each individual piece of equipment to pass a comprehensive Third Party Verification inspection to verify it conforms to 3-A Standards. This authorization indicates that our SureFill® 40 line of fillers complies with the 3-A Sanitary Standards for design and construction, as well as conform to the Good Manufacturing Practices for materials of construction.

Food processing equipment is routinely inspected by the USDA, FDA, and local regulatory agencies for proper fabrication, installation, and cleanliness. The 3-A Authorization is used during this inspection to identify equipment that meets the sanitary design and fabrication standards. David Bellmore, our Director of Technology, stated: “We are committed to delivering equipment that meets or exceeds 3-A Sanitary Standards, which provides our customers the assurance that our equipment meets critical sanitary design criteria.”

3-A Authorization is granted by 3-A Sanitary Standards Inc., an organization founded by regulatory sanitarians, equipment fabricators, and processors to ensure that equipment can be properly sanitized to prevent cross-contamination and the growth of bacteria during production. They apply sanitary design principles to various food processing equipment. The 3-A Sanitary Standards are intended to create guidelines and establish a uniform system of evaluation for equipment used in food production.

Glenn Wiechman, our Commercial Director for North America, affirmed: “We have always taken pride in being a leader in the industry, providing our customers with the finest equipment and packaging in the marketplace. This 3-A Authorization is another example of our commitment to product safety and quality.”

Learn more about our 3A Authorization or download our 3-A Authorization certificate (PDF).

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