Scholle IPN Opens New Plant in Santiago, Chile

In Spring of 2017, we expanded our support and solutions for the South American region by opening a new manufacturing plant in Santiago, Chile. To find out what this new location has to offer we spoke with Ademir Fragnani (Managing Director, Latin America) and Rafael Pereira (Plant Manager, Vinhedo and Santiago).

Why did Scholle IPN decide to expand their operations into Chile?

AF: With a location in Chile, we’re located closer to important customers in the food industry as well as the fast-growing wine industry. Being located near our customers will allow more integration, ensuring fast responses and short lead times.

When did the plant open, and what does it have to offer?

RP: For commercial purposes, we opened on May 9th, with an invitation to customers and local suppliers. We’re already producing both bags and pouches. The building is 2,000 m2, and also includes administrative offices, a warehouse, and clean room environment for specialized manufacturing. We will soon expand operations to a 2nd shift. The plant produces both bag-in-box and stand-up, spouted pouches. We produce bags from from 3-220 liters, and CleanPouches from 70g to 120g.

How does this new facility support growth within the region?

AF: Our business in the South American region has a track record of double-digit growth in recent years. This new facility brings capacity to meet customer demand for growth as it is highly integrated with the Scholle IPN facility in Vinhedo, Brazil. Also, the new location in Santiago is just five minutes from the most important route connecting to the south end of Chile. This puts us in a great position to serve the key markets in the South American region as we’re closely located and easily accessible.

What most excites you about the launch of the Santiago facility?

AF: Definitely being in close proximity with our customers. We’ve worked for decades in Chile, but in the few months since the new plant opened, we can feel the increased potential for attending to our customers’ needs. We’ve already hosted numerous existing customers and prospective customers at the Santiago location and are confident we will quickly grow in this market.

What quality systems has the Santiago facility put in place to ensure they’re producing the best products possible?

RP: Scholle IPN’s quality strategy is global. At any of our manufacturing locations around the world, our quality standards are the same, and this location is no exception. The plant in Vinhedo, Brazil–which has been operating more than 15 years–is fully supporting the startup plant as we learn these standards. Both plants are supervised by the same Quality Manager, giving us a good understanding of how to implement these standards in our region. We have a goal to help our customers deliver their products in a way that is safe, natural, economic, and sustainable. Consistency in our production processes from plant to plant is a key to achieving this goal.

How does Scholle IPN work with customers in the region to build deep, valuable relationships?

AF: Our goal is to make long-term partnerships that will deliver not just short-term benefits, but grow long-lasting, mutually-beneficial relationships. Scholle IPN understands that our customers are looking for more than just packaging—they want high-quality service. We’re working hard to offer the best possible level of service to customers in our region. We have seasoned Field Service Engineers who help customers with equipment installation, training, and maintenance as well as Packaging Applications Engineers who help identify the right packaging formats for our customers and then manage the transition into a Scholle IPN solution.

For more information, contact us at our new location in Santiago Chile:

Scholle IPN SpA.
Camiño Los Echevers, 550, Bodega 33, Quillicura, Santiago Chile
Tel: +56 (2) 3242.2070

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