Scholle IPN Presents at the 2018 Multilayer Flexible Packaging Event

Earlier this month, David Bellmore, Scholle IPN’s Director of Technology – Americas, had the opportunity to speak at the 2018 Multilayer Flexible Packaging event in Chicago. This exciting annual event brings together flexible packaging experts to discuss advances in the films and materials, production technologies, and applications that are setting the new standards for packaging excellence in North America and beyond. According to David, the key focus of this event is “increasing collaboration between resin and additive manufacturers, film processors, machinery suppliers, and brand owners that enables the development of new flexible materials which balance requirements for functionality, safety, cost efficiency, and increased speed to market.”

This event’s talk was titled “Laminate, Fitment, and Filler Development for Aseptic Pre-Made Spouted Pouch,” with the main purpose of introducing the laminate, fitment, and filler required to make a pre-made spouted pouch a first-ever commercial possibility. Previously, David introduced Scholle IPN’s new fitment and filler offering for aseptic pre-made spouted pouches at Aseptipak 2016 and PackExpo Innovation Stage 2017.

The 2018 Multilayer Flexible Packaging event was the first conference where David introduced Scholle IPN’s revolutionary clear laminate, OptiShield, to support it. OptiShield is a clear laminate that has the same oxygen transmission rate (OTR) as foil laminates. This was verified with laminate OTR, pouch OTR, and pouch oxygen ingress into the headspace of the pouch testing. This is a critical advancement, because it allows end-users to view the product before they consume it, as well as enables the brand owners to show off the vibrant colors of food sterilized with aseptic processing.

When asked to summarize his takeaways from this year’s event, David stated: “There is a lot of film and laminate development in the liquid food packaging space. The development is focused on both the cold (HPP) and shelf-stable (aseptic and retort) supply chains. These food packaging techniques are made possible with flexible packaging, and will play a role in reducing food waste in North America and across the rest of the globe.”

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More about David Bellmore

David Bellmore is the Director of Technology – Americas at Scholle IPN in Northlake, Illinois, USA. He oversees a team of engineers and scientists, who are responsible for Scholle IPN’s film development, fitment development, and filling equipment. David holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University; a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University; a Master’s in Materials Science from Illinois Institute of Technology; and a Master of Business Administration from Northern Illinois University.

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