Scholle IPN Presents New Pouch Innovations at Plastics Caps & Closures 2019

Caps and Closures 2019Last year, Scholle IPN’s CleanPouch Aseptic Cap and Spout was awarded the Plastics Caps & Closures Innovation Award. David Bellmore, Director of Technology for the Americas, returned to this year’s event to present innovations and technological developments of caps and closures within the spouted pouch market.

“This annual event highlights leading technology in our industry,” stated David Bellmore. “Pioneering aseptic technology, specifically in pouches, inserted Scholle IPN into a realm of untapped opportunities for innovation. Having the opportunity to return to the event after being recognized with a high honor last year is a true testament to the ongoing work Scholle IPN is continuously pursuing.”

Pouch and Cap Trends

CleanPouchThe CleanPouch Aseptic system, along with retort and hot fill delivery methods, allows pouches to claim a spot on center-store grocery shelves, eliminating the need for cold chain logistics. According to Mintel, global fitmented pouch product launches have increased by 54% over the past five years, with this market experiencing 31% growth from 2017 to 2018. Evolving alongside the demands of the clean label trend, packaging innovation for pouches and caps has enabled stronger laminates, better functionality, and steps toward environmentally-conscious formats.

Clear and Barrier Laminates

Scholle IPN FilmWhen pouches originated, foil laminates provided the lowest oxygen transmission rates (OTR) and most protection from light. Bellmore commented, “We recognized that consumers were not only buying products based on brand loyalty and visually appealing labeling, but also due to the ability to view the tantalizing colors of the contents held within.” OptiShield™, a Scholle IPN clear laminate, capitalizes on this trend while providing OTRs comparable to foil laminates. This clear laminate allows aseptically-filled products to be viewed before purchase, giving consumers peace of mind in the products they are purchasing.

Enabling Functionality through Caps and Closures

CapsConsumption of a product is defined by the initial interaction the consumer has with the cap, with each consumer segment offering unique opportunities for innovation to enhance functionality. For kid-friendly pouches, the CloverCap™ serves as a primary indicator of the product’s intended consumer market. This cap uses a unique design to enable grip while also passing the choke test. To create a more memorable experience, enhancements have been made to incorporate cognitive toy features. 2D caps are commonly used, offering a lightweight alternative with cost and environmental benefits. For broader consumer markets, flip-top options have been adapted to a wide range of products, from syrups to toppings, reducing post-consumer solid waste through collapsible pouches with better product evacuation. Due to the world’s desire to reduce plastic litter, there is a strong focus on caps that remain attached to the container. The focus is on creating an aesthetically pleasing design that moves far enough away from the container’s neck that it does not interfere with the consumer’s drinking experience. Recognizing an opportunity for shaped, stand-up, spouted pouches, we teamed up with Bossar to add even more capabilities for design and filling methods.

For more about last year’s award, read Scholle IPN Opens More Options for Low-Acid Foods with its Closure, by Jim Johnson, September 20, 2018 at

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