Scholle IPN to Attend the 2018 Food Processing Expo

The Food Processing Expo, taking place on February 21-22 in Sacramento, California, is the annual meeting and exposition of the California Food Processors Association. With more than 270 exhibitors and 2500 attendees, this Expo is the largest trade show in California devoted exclusively to food processing. It brings the industry together by offering a trade show floor with exhibits featuring machinery, equipment, supplies, services, and other vendors with innovative industry products.

As in past years, Scholle IPN will be in attendance (booth #614) displaying its leading pouch technology, as well as a few other products and ideas. To gain a deeper insight into exactly what we’ll be doing there, we sat down with one of Scholle IPN’s Customer Business Managers, Diane Chewning, to learn more.

Why Does Scholle IPN attend the Food Processing Expo?

DC: The California food processing industry is very important to the US food industry as a whole. According to the California Department of Food and Agriculture, over a third of the country’s vegetables and two-thirds of the country’s fruits and nuts are grown in California. The tomato industry in California processes one-third of the world’s supply of tomato products as well.

The Food Processing Expo brings together industry leaders for two and a half days annually, to work and learn about trends, industry issues, and government regulations. Scholle IPN has been involved with aseptic packaging for the tomato and other fruit processing for decades, so it’s a natural event to attend.

What Can Attendees Expect To Find At Your Booth?

DC: This year, we are proud to highlight our new pouch filler, the TrueFill® 100P. This filler is semi-automatic, equipped with a single head and requiring one operator. It is intended for fresh-filling pre-made spouted pouches. We will also display our 300-gallon aseptic packages that are used to store and transport fruit purées such as tomato paste.

At our booth, we will also be selling raffle tickets for a vacation. This promotion is near and dear to us, as it supports the future of the food industry with scholarships for students—the next generation of industry specialists.

Will Scholle IPN Be Showcasing Any Other Products This Year?

DC: In addition to our new filler, we will also be showcasing the CleanPouch. These spouted pouches are available for use in a variety of markets, including tomato sauces. With consumers looking to reduce product waste, this allows for better product evacuation with less mess as compared to what is currently on the market.

What to know more?

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