The 4 Traits Which Drive Scholle IPN’s Packaging Solutions

Scholle IPN's four traits which drive performance and innovationThere are four key packaging traits that drive Scholle IPN: Safe, Natural, Sustainable and Economic.  The alignment of these traits plays an important role in Scholle IPN’s product development and allows us to gain more ground in the performance packaging solutions field.  Find examples of how our current products meet these traits on our food, beverage and non-food category pages.

1. Safe – Our packaging keeps our customer’s product clean and fit for use while often protecting the end user from contact with the product.

“Aseptic packaging is forecasted to grow 24% globally over the next five years and safe packaging options as offered by Scholle IPN will be instrumental in meeting this demand.” Peter Messacar, Director New Applications

2. Natural – Our packaging allows the high quality of our customer’s product to be maintained without additives or preservatives.  

Jessi Hoover, Packaging and Applications Director, discusses natural packaging in more detail. “Aseptic packaging produces commercially sterile product in hermetically-sealed containers with excellent nutritional retention and sensory qualities similar to traditional pasteurization, or ultra-pasteurization, but it does not require refrigeration or the addition of preservatives.”

3. Sustainable – Our packaging creatively protects our planet’s resources while reducing product and package waste.

Sustainability is all about continuously striving for a balanced improvement in the economic, environmental and social performance of a product or service. Flexible packaging and aseptic processes simultaneously enable both the optimization of packaging functionality and the best use of resources.

4. Economic – Our packaging enables our customers to expand their business through affordable and efficient access to their product.

“The establishment of value for the customer is key,” said Frank Rice, Senior Customer Business Manager. “Solving unmet needs provide value and an economic benefit to customers. It can include delivering concentrated products to improve customer profitability.”


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