The Incredible Flexible Package: Q&A

Scholle IPN flexible bag-in-box packaging for dairy beveragesDairy Foods Magazine reached out to Chip Halverson, Senior Customer Business Manager at Scholle IPN, to provide insight into packaging technologies for dairy processors and their operations. Read the Q&A session to find out more on how flexible dairy packaging is positively affecting the industry.

Dairy Foods: What are dairy processors demanding from flexible packaging?
Halverson: Our dairy processor customers are looking for packaging that meets their sustainability goals to reduce landfill use and minimize the energy they spend in delivering their finished goods to the marketplace. They are also looking for solutions that provide benefits and efficiencies to aseptic processing and dispensing.

Dairy Foods: What types of packaging have you developed or are you developing in response to these demands?
Halverson: With our low-acid aseptic packaging and filling equipment, we are able to help deliver a healthier, preservative-free option with a longer shelf life. Bag-in-box solutions also reduce energy in their creation compared to rigid packaging formats. That, along with product waste and landfill minimization, seems to be filling our customers’ demands. Scholle IPN has also developed a more-convenient way to connect aseptic bag-in-box packaged products to dispensing equipment with the QuickSeal Sentry SafeLock™. This tamper-evident fitment provides a quick connection option that enhances food safety and reduces time in dispenser cleaning operations.

Dairy Foods: Everyone in the industry is looking at sustainability. Explain how your packaging can help a processor reduce its carbon footprint.
Halverson: Bag-in-box packaging has some inherent sustainable traits; it uses less raw material and energy during manufacturing when compared to rigid packaging that holds equal volumes of product. Logistically speaking, benefits include more efficient transportation and pallet utilization leading to space efficiencies at warehouses and at the final destination because our packaging cubes out so well. You’re not shipping air at any point. At the post-consumer stage, Scholle IPN bag-in-box results in less landfill waste when compared to rigid containers holding equal volumes of product.

Dairy Foods: What’s next for flexible packaging in the dairy industry?
Halverson: Portion control and dispensing technology is the next big thing in the dairy industry.  Moving towards a portion-controlled dispensing solution instead of individual packages will reduce product and energy waste while cutting costs. The packaging company that can innovate and produce aseptic fitments and connectors that integrate easily into dispensing systems will most certainly have an in-demand set of solutions for the dairy industry.

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