The New Scholle IPN Logo

We’re proud to debut the new Scholle IPN logo! The design is the result of months of work from our communications team and is packed with meaning.

Scholle IPN logo inspiration and meaning

The ‘Shield’

The shield was inspired by a deep understanding of what Scholle IPN really does. Our company has stood for quality manufacturing and innovative solutions which help our customers do exciting things with their products. And, we do all of this with a keen eye on keeping things simple, well-designed, and well-executed.

For the design we turned to nature for inspiration as well as our products.

  • Mountain ranges with sturdy foundations and peaks that reach to new heights were one of our first thoughts. We have a similar strong foundation from which we’ve grown in aseptic packaging, unique filling equipment, innovative flexible packaging solutions, and consistent supply to some of the world’s largest brands. In 2015 alone we helped deliver over 4 billion servings of food and beverage.
  • Individually, the petals of tulips are incredibly fragile but combine in a specific way to bring strength and protection for the even-more delicate and critical parts of the flower. Tulips and other flowers must attract insects in order to proliferate themselves. Their bright colors and enticing forms are not unlike many of our retail-ready components.
  • The chambered nautilus can dive to depths of nearly 2,000 feet in the sea. Their delicate-yet-sturdy shell is comprised of many layers which help defray the incredible pressures the animal must endure. Our leading barrier film structures and unique ability to create liquid packaging which can hold sensitive products–for more than a year in some cases–and keep them fresh as the day they were packed has been a key to our customers’ success.

We think the new Scholle IPN logo captures all the best parts of our solidified company. We hope you do too and look forward to growing with you well into the future.

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