Yo Yummy Chooses CloverCap

Yo Yummy yogurt pouches feature the Scholle IPN CloverCapGreen Mountain Creamery works to create healthy, great-tasting, responsibly-made yogurt. Their Yo Yummy brand is a fresh, natural yogurt product ideal for children. Scholle IPN’s colorful, choke-proof CloverCap is easy to open by children and eye-catching on the shelf.

The spouted pouch format was also chosen for its sustainability benefits versus glass and plastic containers. Spouted pouches are lightweight, compact in transportation, cause less emissions during production, and leave less packaging waste.

Scholle IPN CloverCap for spouted pouch packagingScholle IPN components for spouted pouches:

  • Manufactured in clean room environments
  • Eliminate need for visual checks on assembled position
  • Run on existing filling lines
  • Customizable in shape and color to fit any brand
  • Learn more about Yo Yummy at: www.yoyummykids.com
  • Click here to learn more about the Scholle IPN CloverCap

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