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At SIG, we stand for better; delivering better for customers, for consumers, and for the world. Join us on this journey.

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Striving for better is at the core of everything we do. It inspires us to create the most sustainable packaging solutions across categories and channels.

It inspires us to deliver innovative and flexible solutions, to pioneer technology, and to ultimately help transform customers' business for the better.

It inspires us to work in partnership with our customers to bring food and beverage products to consumers in a safe, sustainable, and affordable way. Sustainability guides us, technology empowers us, but it’s the passion and drive of our people that truly enable us to deliver better.

SIG - for better.

For better.

We’re inspired to deliver innovative total packaging solutions that transform for better.


Packaging for the circular economy


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Packaging for the circular economy

Reducing is the key

Many rigid packaging formats are comprised of heavy materials like glass, metals, or thick plastics. These require more energy to produce, transport, and store. This, often, leads to packaging with a heavy environmental footprint and high carbon emissions throughout its life. Because cartons, bag-in-box, and spouted pouches have the capability of being engineered to optimal, lightweight structures, the resulting emissions totals is lower and makes a smaller impact on the environment.

Our sustainability story

SIG has industry-leading expertise in renewable materials, lightweight package design, and mono-material barrier films that help us continue to drive sustainability forward. We remain committed to a better world by reducing the footprint of our products and our customers’ brands even further with sustainable innovation. SIG’s long line of industry-leading sustainability innovations in carton packs now includes sustainable solutions in bag-in-box, and spouted pouches.

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability.

What we do

To create world-leading cartons, bag-in-box, and spouted pouches, we engineer leading substrates and barrier films, ergonomic closures, and state-of-the-art filling equipment systems to create a total packaging solution tailored to our customers’ unique requirements.

Passionate. Entrepreneurial.

Since 1853, our unique technology and outstanding innovation capacity enable us to provide our customers with a complete range of packs, flexible filling machines and solutions for operating smarter factories, all to address the ever-changing needs of consumers.

Specialized. Diversified.

We participate in markets around the globe in food, beverage, and non-food applications for retail, institutional, and industrial packaging applications.


For decades, we’ve led the packaging industry with market-changing innovations; bag-in-box, spouted pouches, aseptic and chilled cartons, aseptic bulk packaging, and unique dispensing connectors just to name a few.