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Scholle IPN has become part of SIG and together we will become a bigger and even better partner for all our customers.

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This is an exciting step in the long and successful history and continued growth story of our two businesses. Our commitment to deliver excellence has led us on a journey. A journey where we set a new standard and take the packaging industry to the next level with spouted pouches, bag-in-box, and cartons.

With this unique combination, and with clear benefits for our customers, consumers, and the environment, we firmly believe SIG and Scholle IPN are: BetterTogether.

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Packaging for the circular economy

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Why Choose Scholle IPN

What we do.

We engineer barrier films, ergonomic fitments, and state-of-the-art filling equipment to create a total flexible packaging solution to empower you with success.

Passionate. Entrepreneurial.

We are supported by a history of family ownership, who are invested in our long-term vision for success.

Specialized. Diversified.

We participate in markets around the globe in food, beverage, and non-food applications for retail, institutional, and industrial packaging applications.


For over six decades, we’ve led the flexible packaging industry with market-changing innovations; bag-in-box, aseptic bulk packaging, and unique dispensing connectors just to name a few.

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Packaging for the Circular Economy

Reducing is the Key

Many rigid packaging formats are comprised of heavy materials like glass, metals, or thick plastics. These require more energy to produce, transport, and store. This, often, leads to packaging with a heavy environmental footprint and high carbon emissions throughout its life. Because flexible packaging has the capability of being downgauged to an optimal, lightweight structure, the resulting emissions totals is lower and makes a smaller impact on the environment.

Below are three examples showing significant carbon savings by switching from environmentally-costly rigid packaging formats to lightweight flexible packaging.


Packaging Carbon Savings

Our Sustainability Story

For Scholle IPN, sustainability is a journey, not an end. We cooperate throughout value chains in multiple markets to provide environmentally-conscious solutions for stakeholders. Our aim is to remain competitive while utilizing internal and external resources to make a positive impact for our employees, our communities, and the Earth.

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability.