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Griffon Vault Vodka Rocks the Box

Griffon Vodka bag-in-boxGriffon Brands recently launched their premium vodka, Griffon Vault, in the Scholle IPN Proof, a 1-liter bag-in-box package. You can find Griffon Vault in fine stores throughout the Midwest part of the United States.

Some great information about the Griffon Vault (from griffonbrands.com):

  • Can a premium spirit really be in a box?
    • Yes. This is the packaging of the future. This alternative kind of packaging has been used in Europe for over a decade for spirits and fine wine.
  • Do I need to keep the bag in the box?
    • No. The bag removes easily from the box and takes up less space.
  • How is it a greener product?
    • Our new alternative packaging components are about half the weight of traditional glass bottles, resulting in 79% less greenhouse gas emissions, and 91% less packaging materials.
  • How many drinks can be made with a one-liter box?
    • Depends on the cocktail, but if you use an average of one shot (one ounce) per drink, you can make over 33.

More about Scholle IPN Proof, the bag-in-box package for premium spirits.

It doesn’t take a mixologist to measure the perfect cocktail with boxed spirits on tap. Proof goes wherever the party goes. Consumers love the convenience, and makers love the extra space to catch consumers’ eyes, advertise their product and tell their story. Learn more about Scholle IPN flexible packaging for premium spirits and alcoholic beverages.



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