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Primo Partners With Scholle IPN To Provide Safe Water

About Primo

Boxed WaterPrimo is a supplier of water to communities across the nation. Their goal is simple: to provide safe water. Tap water can contain trace amounts of elements like mercury, lead, cyanide, and arsenic. Primo uses both an exchange and filtration process to ensure that the water you’re drinking is free of bacteria, parasites, and heavy metals. “At Primo, we believe in creating healthier lives, healthier communities, and a healthier planet,” says Charles Fogg, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Primo Water North America. “And we look for partners who are uniquely positioned to enable us to fulfill that purpose through expertise, innovation and a commitment to the customer experience.”

One million bottles of water are purchased every minute. Over 90% of these plastic water bottles never get recycled, instead ending up in landfills and oceans. Primo wanted to break out of the traditional distribution model of water—plastic bottles—and find a solution that both protected the quality of their water and reduced the amount of waste being created by plastic bottles.

Partners for Success

Scholle IPN has been on a mission to develop flexible packaging solutions for water—we understand the critical need to find a safe way to distribute water and the challenges inherent in packages designed to hold water. In 2018, we debuted 2Pure™, a polyethylene-based film that offers a taint- and odor-free water package that also cuts down on material costs and environmental waste.

Primo decided to partner with Scholle IPN for their brand’s latest project: the Good to Go bag-in-box water package. “[The] Primo Good to Go water in a box product … provides consumers with active lifestyles the convenience of pure, healthy water on the go while also reducing the amount of plastic they use,” says Fogg. “Customers are concerned about the environmental impact of single-serve water bottles, and Primo Good to Go gives them a convenient alternative that uses 84.3% less plastic than an average case pack of bottled water.”

Clean WaterWater is one of the single-most important things we need to sustain life, and we’ve seen repeated instances where access to safe drinking water has been threatened or cut off—think of the Texas snowstorm in February 2021 that left hundreds of thousands of people with clean water and still persists today or the Flint Water Crisis where a whole community lacked safe drinking water for almost five years. Conventional water reservoirs that supply taps in our homes are easily contaminated and cannot promise to provide safe drinking water, particularly during moments of crisis.

Bag-in-box water solutions provide access to safe water in a way that is speedy and environmentally conscious. A full trailer of 5-gallon water coolers—the kind you often see in offices—can hold 2,680 bottles. A full trailer of 20L bags can hold 100,000 bags and produce 36% less greenhouse gas emissions than plastic bottles.

The folks at Primo are always looking towards innovative solutions that encourage consumers to adopt healthier and sustainable habits. “At Primo, our combined retail brand and product portfolio already provides us with a value proposition that sets us apart from our competitors in the marketplace. With Primo Good to Go, we further differentiate ourselves by adding an innovative alternative to single-serve water bottles,” Fogg says. “We built the Primo brand by encouraging responsibility for healthier lives and a healthier world, and Primo Good to Go enables us to further drive that commitment by providing consumers with pure water in an environmentally friendly package that fits into their lifestyles—no matter where they may be.”

Primo’s Good to Go bags are available in select HEB and Walmart locations as they begin distribution nationally. Each bag is equipped with our patented 2Pure film technology and our ergonomic FlexTap, which work together to promise consumers shelf-stable water that tastes clean and fresh—all while protecting the environment.

Better for You. Better for the Environment.

Scholle IPN Sustainability in Flexible Packaging iconEven if a product is recyclable, it doesn’t matter if it ends up in a landfill. Plastic bottles might seem like a sustainable packaging solution, but with seven out of ten bottles ending up as waste, it’s imperative we utilize better packaging options.

Primo is dedicated to safety and takes their mission seriously, going beyond what’s in your water, and their partnership with Scholle IPN to reduce plastic waste demonstrates their commitment to sustainability. By using our 2Pure film and Flextap for bag-in-box, we were able to help Primo:

  • Tangibly reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills and oceans
  • Provide fresh, clean water to its customers that is taint- and odor-free
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 36%
  • Cut back on post-consumer waste by 66%
  • Create new systems for getting water quickly safely to communities in need

There are few things more important than access to safe drinking water. Primo takes the responsibility of ensuring access to water seriously—and builds on that commitment by working with Scholle IPN to design a solution that is also environmentally sustainable. Bag-in-box packaging can yield myriad shipping, environmental, and source reduction solutions, and we’re ready to help you find the best solution for your business—be it in an industrial, institutional, or retail setting.

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