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Carbon Reduction in Home and Personal Care Products

March 10, 2022

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In the last two years, we’ve witnessed monumental changes to our normal routines. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a global impact on the way we conduct our lives. We rely more on ecommerce and digital platforms, we’re spending more time at home, and we’re questioning the safety and efficacy of the products we use every day.

You might have heard the phrase “the new normal” to describe this current moment in time. The pandemic has caused people to evaluate what is important to them, and seek out products based on an entirely new set of criteria. As consumer needs shift, brands must adapt to stay relevant—and it’s unlikely that these new concerns are going to go away once the pandemic is over. “The new normal” means that shifting consumer expectations are here to stay.

E-commerce growthIf you’re like most people, you likely looked at home, personal, and cleaning products in a new light – and looked for new ways to purchase them. These purchases were traditionally driven by routine or habit – and purchased in-store – but are now driven by concerns for sanitization and protection from bacteria – and purchased via ecommerce. This is an area bag-in-box and pouch packaging has always thrived, and specifically where Scholle IPN excels. We are a global leader in total packaging solutions, and have always prioritized safety and simplicity, which go hand-in-hand with sustainability and transparency.

In this report, we’ll discuss the changing landscape of home, personal, and cleaning products. “The new normal” includes a critical look at responsible sourcing and packaging, and we’ll demonstrate how brands can adopt these principles in ways that reach consumers. We partnered with Mintel, a global leader in consumer research and trends, to lay out our predictions for how home and personal care products intersect with sustainability.

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