Carton packaging

All over the world, the need for high-quality, sustainable and convenient food and beverage products is increasing. See how SIG is delivering innovative carton packaging solutions that enable businesses to satisfy ever-changing needs.

More value in every carton pack

Looking for packaging to help you meet today’s beverage demands? Our carton packaging is a safe, sustainable and convenient choice. We offer unique and flexible aseptic solutions that deliver the highest food safety, quality and confidence with up to 12 months of unrefrigerated shelf life. Our packs are designed to protect a wide range of beverage products, with innovative packaging structures to deliver even more sustainability and convenience. And by utilising renewable and fully recyclable materials, our packs use considerably fewer fossil fuels and have a smaller carbon footprint than alternative packaging.

combivita: the pack that does it all

Consumers want more, businesses want more, retailers want more. combivita manages to juggle all these demands with ease. From its stand-out design to its easy handling and pouring, from functionality to sustainability: combivita lives it up! Coming in different sizes and with a tailor-made tethered closure, it simply is the pack that is right for everyone who wants more.

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combismile: good to go!

Meet combismile, our next generation of on-the-go packs. With its curved, modern shape and easy-grip corners, combismile is easy to use on-the-go, and is designed to stand out on retail shelves. Available in two footprints, combismile comes with a re-sealable, one-step opening closure and is part of our most complete filling line solution, which includes sleeves, closures, straws and filling machines, including closure and straw applicators. Pick and choose the best match for your product concept!

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combistyle: always in style

Standing out from the crowd has never been more challenging. Retail shelves are busy. Products are competing for attention. And consumers are hard to attract. To make an impact today, you need to get creative and offer true attention-grabbers. Meet combistyle – a uniquely shaped beverage carton pack designed to help your brand stand out while providing consumers a new level of convenience.

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combiblocxslim: a fit for everyone

In today's market, one-size-fits-all packaging no longer works – brands need to tailor their products and offer more consumer choice. And that’s where combiblocXSlim comes in. Our diverse small-size packaging solution ranges from 80 to 200ml, so you can better adapt product sizes to match your target group and test a broader range of products. Put simply, combiblocXSlim lets you reach new markets and new consumers – fast and flexibly.

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combidome: carton meets bottle

Modern consumers are embracing a more on-the-go lifestyle while simultaneously searching out more eco-conscience and added-value products. To help you meet these demands, we created combidome, our lightweight and innovative carton bottle. This two-in-one solution combines the environmental and logistical benefits of an aseptic carton package with the look, feel and handling of an easy-to-pour bottle.

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combibloc: popular. flexible. proven.

For several years, our classic combibloc format has been one of the leading carton packs for aseptic beverage filling – allowing producers to expand their target market by offering the same products in several different volumes. So, whether you need a small 80ml pack for one-shot drinks or large 2,000ml volumes for family-sized demands, you can flexibly cater to all kinds of consumers, price points and occasions.

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combifit: stand out from the crowd

To catch the eye of today's consumer, you need to show them something different. With its distinctive sloping top and convenient screw-on closure, our combifit beverage carton gives you plenty of room to express your brand and stand out from your competitors. So, whether you’re producing beverages like teas, juices, dairy or premium plant-based, combifit delivers complete freshness – all with a unique look and added convenience for consumers.

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