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CleanPouch Aseptic Wins Plastics News 2018 “Caps & Closures Innovation Award”

September 27, 2018

PCCScholle IPN’s CleanPouch Aseptic Cap and Spout is the 2018 winner of the third-annual Plastics Caps & Closures Innovation Award. The day before the winner was announced, David Bellmore, Scholle IPN’s Director of Technology for the Americas, presented CleanPouch Aseptic at the annual Plastic News Plastic Caps & Closures Conference, giving an overview of the innovation and technology behind the product, as well as highlighting benefits for customers and consumers.

“This is the premiere event of the year for our industry, so being able to present, and even to be considered for an award is a high honor,” said Peter Messacar, Director of New Applications at Scholle IPN. “And yes, winning the award is a nice recognition within the industry, but really it helps affirm to the broader industry what we already knew—we have a really strong R&D team. Our engineers and operations team led the way on design, testing, and implementation. The experience, skills and execution abilities of the individuals on our team is a strong suit for us, and supports our growth going forward.”

About CleanPouch Aseptic


After four years of development, CleanPouch Aseptic is now the first pre-made, sterilized spouted pouch system for aseptically-processed products. This breakthrough means that makers of low-acid food and beverage products can now access the benefits of both aseptic processing and a spouted pouch package.

“The spouted pouch is really popular amongst consumers because it’s convenient, portable, easy to use on the go, and transparent to the end-user,” explained Messacar. “But offering aseptically-processed products in these consumer-friendly pouches wasn’t possible until this fitment. The design enabled us to make a premade, hermetically-sealed pouch and provide it into an aseptic filling environment.”

“Aseptic is a desirable alternative to Hot-fill or Retort processing because it doesn’t expose products to extended periods of high thermal temperatures, which can lead to vitamin, color, taste, and texture degradation,” Messacar said. “The aseptic process helps to minimize that, and ultimately it ensures a better quality product that can still maintain shelf-stable distribution.”

Scholle IPN pioneered aseptic technology allowing producers to offer preservative-free products with extended shelf-life that require no refrigeration. This eliminates costs, logistics, and energy used in cold-chain, and expands potential settings for products to be stored and sold­—including retail center-store and e-commerce.

Messacar added, “What makes us unique from our competitors is our ability to offer customers ‘turn-key’ or system solutions. We’re involved with them all the way from conceptualization to commercialization of a product, and our strong team helps the total package come to life as we bring new ideas to the market.”

For more about the award, read Scholle IPN Opens More Options for Low-Acid Foods with its Closure, by Jim Johnson, September 20, 2018 at plasticsnews.com.