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Dynamics of Dairy

December 2, 2022

Dynamics of DairyFor decades, dairy milk has been an unwavering staple in most homes. However, the dairy industry is experiencing rapid—and exciting new changes:

  • People are looking for more flavor options and products that use innovative ingredients. For example, India’s milk market is growing exponentially, and flavors like turmeric milk are popular.
  • A2 milk is a new option for lactose-intolerant drinkers—instead of undergoing any processing methods, A2 milk comes from specially designated cows, opening dairy options to more consumers.
  • It’s impossible to ignore the explosion of plant-based milk options, but people aren’t ready to give up dairy milk—not by a long shot. Manufacturers are experimenting with hybrid dairy, a blend combining the benefits of dairy and plant-based milk.

Driving all these trends is a commitment to sustainability: 73% of global consumers consider sustainability when buying dairy products.

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