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Flexible Packaging for Water: Making Pure Possible

October 31, 2018

Fresh waterFew things can rival water on the list of most essential for human survival. In a sense, it’s everywhere, yet not always easily accessible or safe to drink. According to water.org, 844 million people across the world live without access to safe drinking water.

Here in America, studies show factors such as contaminated, leaky pipes, decades of industrial dumping and pollution, and lack of funding to upgrade aging infrastructure combine to create a complex problem, blocking access to safe drinking water in many areas across the country. During an emergency or disaster, even places with typically abundant access to clean drinking water can face a contaminated or cut-off supply.

While bottles can make clean drinking water accessible, current plastic options are taking quite a toll on our environment, with PET and HDPE plastic waste literally filling up our landfills and oceans. Not to mention that most 5-gallon water-cooler bottles are made of BPA-infested polycarbonate.

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