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Inside the Materials Science Lab at Scholle IPN, Northlake

December 20, 2018

At Scholle IPN, our state-of-the-art Materials Science Lab helps to strengthen our position as a global leader in flexible packaging solutions. Located at our headquarters in Northlake, Illinois, this fully-equipped lab is staffed by expert scientists with chemistry and engineering backgrounds who develop testing methods supporting all of our locations across the globe, as well as technicians that operate the lab’s sophisticated analytical equipment. The team helps verify and ensure that our products meet goals and regulations and protect customers’ products from filling through final dispensing.

Chad Mueller, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, oversees the scientific and technical testing efforts here at Scholle IPN. He brings 20+ years of industry experience and a Ph.D. in Polymer Science from Case Western Reserve University to his leadership of the Materials Science Lab in Northlake. “We make sure that our customers’ products are a good fit with the packaging,” says Mueller. “What we’re seeing (in the market) is a lot of our customers are getting leaner and leaner. So for testing–that in the past they may have done themselves–they’re now becoming more and more reliant on us.”

Science LabStacey Berger, Materials Science Facility Lab Manager, supervises the daily work and staff of the Materials Science Lab. She brings 11 years’ experience in the Materials Science Lab, and is in her last semester of a Masters in Food Science from the University of Illinois. “Our work in the Materials Science Lab is important because it makes sure that our products are safe and reliable for our customers,” says Berger.

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