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About the New Scholle IPN Brand

June 22, 2020


Why the Change?

As we’re all aware, our world is changing. It’s true that we’re using too many natural resources and doing a poor job of managing waste of all kinds…including plastic and packaging. The global perception of plastic is that it’s polluting the Earth, our oceans, and atmosphere. The truth is that our ability to effectively manage waste has turned a valuable product like plastic packaging into source of pollution.

CO2 emissions have drastically increased. Much of the world’s CO2 production comes from the production of food. Growing or raising what we eat is only about 20% of the energy used in the lifecycle of food products. The other 80% is handling the food, processing it into its final form, and moving it around.

We think this is where packaging can help and where Scholle IPN will play a key role. Reducing the amount of resources needed to package, transport, and store products along with maximizing shelf life throughout the supply chain—and certainly once opened—are key advantages of our packaging formats.

In short, plastics are good. Waste is bad.

We know that our packaging formats are some of the most efficient on the planet. The Scholle IPN brand must reflect this new circular economy both in how we look and how we present ourselves. Our mission is simple. To help leading brands around the globe deliver their products in the best way possible using a diverse range of total flexible packaging solutions.

A Note From our CEO

“This is a really exciting time for the Scholle IPN business and for our team around the world. The opportunities are endless for sustainable, leading-edge solutions crafted around film, fitments, and equipment offerings. We believe that our brand should more accurately reflect those tremendous opportunities and we are excited to launch the new brand campaign at this time.”

“The Scholle IPN name has long been synonymous with enabling the world’s leading brands to deliver their products by the most effective, sustainable means possible. As the packaging industry continues to undergo sweeping changes with respect to our role in a circular economy, it’s only appropriate that the Scholle IPN brand experience and product portfolio reflect that shift. As a result, we have spent countless hours to ensure that our visual brand aligns with our operational philosophy and vision.” – Ross Bushnell

Simply Flexible

Our vision is Simply Flexible

This isn’t just a slogan or tagline. This is going reflect who we are – inside and out. This means we will constantly challenge each other to find simpler, more-efficient ways to manufacture products and engineer solutions that minimize reliance and stress on resources.

Moving Forward

Total Flexible Packaging Solutions all starts with our core products in film, fitments, and equipment. These three, combined with our knowledge and leadership in processing compatibilities like aseptic, form the core of all our solutions regardless of what channels they’re engineered for.

Our packaging ends up in one or more of these four channels: Industrial, Institutional, Retail with Bag-in-Box, and Retail with Pouches. Each has their own distinct package needs including sizes, barrier capabilities, fitments, and equipment. As we move forward, we will market and sell our capabilities in all these sectors to our existing and new customers.

Total Flexible Packaging Solutions

The next level of our strategy is the Circular Economy, or engineering products and systems that help our customers and their consumers make the best possible decisions about their package at the end of its life. We will continue to develop recyclable packaging solutions, engineer lightweight fitments and films, and design systems for our customers that conserve resources and lower carbon output throughout their product’s lifecycle.

The final aspect that encompasses our Strategy is customer focus. We will strive to know our customers as well as they know themselves. We will anticipate changes in their business and markets and be nimble enough to react with the right package at the right time, and at the right price. Our customers’ success is our success.

ScholleIPN automotive fluids motor-oil packaging

Historically, Scholle IPN has sold converted goods; bag-in-box and spouted pouches. But there are many individual components we manufacture in that pursuit. There is real value in these pieces and often customers might only need barrier film or pouch fitments and caps.

As we become a total packaging solutions partner, we will be there to supply these individual components where needed and support Form-Seal-Fill (FSF) and Horizontal Form-Seal-Fill (HFFS) production models with our technologies.

Our Visual Brand

A good logo or icon always has a story behind it. Our icon has plenty to say, starting with its individual parts which reflect the Total Packaging Solutions strategy. Our icon has shapes which represent fitments, film, and equipment. When combined, these products fuel our solutions and set us apart from anyone else in the flexible packaging industry.

Icon Parts

The Scholle IPN name is a powerful one in packaging. We’re keeping that but have rounded and softened its appearance and colors—now green and blue-to reflect our focus on sustainability and agility as a partner.

Scholle IPN Logo

Along with our Total Packaging Solutions and focus on sustainability, the design is more dynamic than our past icons. There is movement in our new icon which reflect both our packaging and the way our company works with customers. And, we’ve even brought the vision of Simply Flexible into this design. The transparent, clean design shows we’re open to our customers’ needs, wastes no resources, and is as simple as possible.

Scholle IPN is built on decades of proven success as industry-changers and we have the trust of companies across the globe to deliver their goods day-after-day without fail. We can’t wait to work with you.

ScholleIPN Simply Flexible

Your total flexible packaging solution from idea to execution.


Packaging for the circular economy

ScholleIPN Circular Economy Icon