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Join Us at the 2020 Petroleum Packaging Council Meeting & Tradeshow

February 11, 2020


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The Petroleum Packaging Council (PPC) provides technical leadership and education to the petroleum packaging and blending industry. For six decades, the PPC has served petroleum packaging professionals as their technical trade association. This year’s conference will be held from March 8th–10th at the San Antonio Marriott Riverwalk in San Antonio, TX.

As a member of the PPC, Scholle IPN will be attending this Spring’s quarterly meeting and tradeshow. We will be displaying a wide variety of bag-in-box packaging for motor oils and lubricants. We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of petroleum packaging. To gain a deeper insight into exactly what we’ll be doing there, we sat down with our Senior Business Manager, Frank Rice, and our Customer Business Manager, Scott Ruden to get the inside scoop.

Why Does Scholle IPN Attend the PPC Spring Meeting?

FR: We look forward to the opportunity to network and exchange information at the PPC Spring Meeting each year. Aligned with our goals and values, the PPC and its members prioritize reducing the environmental impact of petroleum packaging. We view the conference as a great opportunity to showcase our product offerings, especially a variety of bag-in-box sizes which weigh less, take less energy to produce, and transport; and create less post-consumer solid waste than traditional rigid packaging.

What Can Attendees Expect to Find at Scholle IPN’s Booth?

SR: In 2012, Scholle IPN was the first company to release a flexible container for the lubricant sector. Since that time, we have expanded our product offering to include 3-gallon, 6-gallon, and 6-quart bag-in-box packaging for petroleum products to accommodate the needs of our customers. While our initial solutions were tailored for institutional use, we’re finding a willing market in retail aisles as well. We will be showcasing our bag-in-box products and are currently developing pouch packaging for motor oils, lubricants, and automatic transmission fluids.

How Does Scholle IPN’s Innovation Help Its Customers?

FR: As a global leader in flexible packaging solutions, Scholle IPN recently surpassed a major production milestone of 45 million bag-in-box packages for automotive oil. We responded to the market telling us they were looking for an intelligent way to better manage bulk automotive oil in situations where quart bottles had traditionally been used. Keeping track of inventory, nearly eliminating waste, and providing faster service were key demands we heard from our customers. We’ve gone on to help integrate the package with better dispensing technology, and design high-speed filling equipment designed specifically for this market solution. Our customers value our ability to engineer an entire solution, from film, to fitment, to fill.

How Does Scholle IPN Support the Environment?

SR: We are focused on reducing our customers’ carbon footprint, reducing waste, and reducing the materials needed to make and ship our products. Far less source material is involved in the flexible packaging we produce than rigid containers like bottles and jugs. Our development engineers are constantly finding ways to create packaging that empowers our customers on the journey towards a more circular economy.

What Does Scholle IPN See for the Future of the Industry?

FR: As innovators in the packaging industry with a focus on sustainability, Scholle IPN is looking to the future and planning for changes in the automotive industry. As synthetic oils become more common with newer cars and trucks, vehicles drive further between oil changes and require less petroleum products for each service. As a result, we are offering our bag-in-box packaging in smaller sizes to allow service centers to carry a wider range of oil blends. This makes it easier to carry more SKUs at oil change locations and allows brands to differentiate their various blends on the shelf.

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