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LactaLogics Chooses Scholle IPN for Human Milk Packaging

January 7, 2022

Flexible Packaging for Human Milk
LactaLogics, a company focused on human milk-based nutrition for premature infants, announced the completion of their packaging research and development phase, finalizing their partnership with Scholle IPN. “Our partnership with Scholle IPN will give hospitals access to aseptic packaging technology. Human milk will not require refrigeration and open-air mixing will be minimized, revolutionizing the way human milk is administered.” says Chelly Snow, LactaLogics co-founder and COO.

Article Highlights

  • This partnership ensures that babies and NICUs will have access to shelf-stable, ready-to-serve human milk and human milk fortifiers, packaged in aseptic pouches and cartons, saving time and money while simplifying compliance.
  • “Our aseptic packaging, especially as it relates to pharmaceuticals, protects delicate products from contamination and outside environmental factors, which is critical when feeding premature infants,” says Andrew Lively, Business Development Manager at Scholle IPN. “The ability to combine this with shelf-stability and controlled, precise dosing delights us as we look forward to the positive impact of our packaging on the lives of premature infants.”
  • Combining the Scholle IPN packaging with LactaLogics Gentle-UHT processing capabilities means that babies will have access to breast milk that is reliable, safe, and abundant.
  • Learn more about the following products: CleanPouch Aseptic and FlexTap Bag-in-Box.
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