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Retail Pouch Packaging

Our flexible spouted pouches provide clean, eco-conscious packaging that protects your product’s quality and purity, while keeping it safe from fill through end-use.

Clean, Convenient, and Consumer-Friendly

Use our spouted pouches to offer retail consumers a range of options from pouches of concentrate for refilling rigid containers, to perfectly-portioned pouches of squeezable food products for utensil-free use on-the-go. 

  • Clean usage in a package that’s easy to “get it all out” with minimal mess.
  • Portability: lightweight, easy-to-open, and resealable.
  • Flexible sizing, so consumers can buy and bring along just what they need.
  • Ship smarter with secure, lightweight, ecommerce-ready pouches.
  • Better product-to-package ratio than rigid formats like bottles, jars, and jugs.
  • Lightweight, yet strong, flexible package with lower carbon footprint.
  • Less greenhouse gas emissions created and energy used during production.

Pre-Made Pouches with CleanPouch®

Our CleanPouch® system helps you streamline your operation by focusing on your product while relying on us to deliver quality pouch packaging. These pre-made spouted pouches are delivered on rail systems, so it’s easy to get your filling operation up and running.

Benefits of the CleanPouch® System:

  • Optimal nutrient retention, flavors, and textures with CleanPouch® Aseptic.
  • Aseptic-capable pouches are shelf-stable, no refrigeration required.
  • Customizable fitment options for spouts and caps that fit your needs.
  • Dynamic filling equipment for startup through full-scale, automated operations.
Scholle IPN CleanPouch - CC85RCS Clover Cap
Scholle IPN 100P Pouch Filler
Scholle IPN Four Mountains CleanPouch Floor Cleaner 2up
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Aseptic for Retail Pouch

CleanPouch Aseptic® is the first pre-made, sterilized spouted pouch system for aseptically-processed products. This award-winning pouch brings you all the benefits consumers love in a spouted pouch combined with the benefits of aseptic technology such as extended shelf life and maximum nutrient retention with no refrigeration required.

CleanPouch Aseptic

Pouch Solutions for HFFS Production

If you’re interested in getting started or are already producing pouches using horizontal form-fill-seal (HFFS), count on us for the high-quality materials needed for making your pouches:

  • Films: Choose from our wide range of options from traditional foil to consumer-preferred transparent. Plus, our RecShield™ pouch film can be recycled with other polyethylene films.
  • Fitments: Select from our wide variety of unique and innovative pouch spouts and caps engineered for the rigors of HFFS production.
  • Equipment: Use our combined pouch fitments and barrier films in tandem with the top-of-the-line Bossar BMS 4.2 for a complete HFFS pouch solution.
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ScholleIPN spouted Indomilk pouch
Danonino Pouch
ScholleIPN RecShield Film
ScholleIPN Clean-Clic apart

The Clean-Clic Fitment for Pouch Dispensing Systems

Provides quick, intuitive, spill-proof, connection and disconnection between liquid pouches and dispensing systems. CleanClic keeps the pouch completely closed before, during, and after the dispensing process.

More about Clean-Clic

Environmental Impact Comparison

Scholle IPN SEIC Chart 15oz Glass Jar vs 8oz Spouted Pouch

With our total flexible packaging solutions, not only can you reduce product waste, but also packaging waste. When compared to a 15oz glass jar, our 8oz spouted pouch can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by up to 86% and energy in production by up to 63% when normalized over 1,000L. Additionally, this provides great source reduction with the opportunity to reduce your total material weight by up to 93%.

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Total Flexible Packaging Solutions