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SIG Mechanical Series P-2000

The SIG Mechanical Series P-2000 forms, fills, and seals pouches within a range from 60mm x 80mm to 200mm x 300mm. It can reach an output of up to 180 pouches per minute and fill up to 1500 cc of product.

  • Features dosing units for various types of liquids
  • Boasts individually temperature controlled sealing jaws
  • Easily adapted to any type of fitment

Product Specifications

Key Features

The BMK 2000 is based on the modular frame construction composed of three independent modules:

  • Unwind module
  • Pouch forming module
  • Filling module

BMK 2000 Benefits

  • After evaluating the product characteristics and the application, our engineering department recommends the most suitable dosing unit.
  • The Bossar BMK machines are equipped with two filling stations that enable the
    filling of more than one product into the same pouch.
  • Bossar machines are equipped for the insertion of straws, spouts or zippers in
    the pouches.

For more information, please visit bossar.com.

Known Process Applications


Fills heated, commercially-sterile product in non-sterile packaging. Can reduce product taste and texture.


Occurs when a product is filled into a package with no additional sterilization treatment.

Ultra-Clean (ESL)

Uses UV, laminar flow, and/or hydrogen peroxide to achieve high sterility levels for short shelf-life products.

Sealing Options

Heat Seal

Reliable and low cost. Multiple steps needed to guarantee quality


Reduces consumption with less heat and material. Faster sealing times

Filling Method

Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal

Common Package Sizes

60mm x 60mm to 200mm x 300mm (2.4in x 2.4in to 7.9in x 11.8in)
475mL to 1500mL (16 fl oz to 50.7 fl oz)
Bossar BMK 2000

Pouch Size and Speed

Pouch Style Format Range (mm) WxH Maximum Volume Filling Speed
Minimum Gusset Maximum Gusset (c.c.) (Pouches per minute)
FLT-1 80 x 80 n/a 200 x 300 n/a 1050 90
FLT-2 60 x 80 n/a 100 x 300 n/a 350 180
STU-1 80 x 80 25 200 x 300 48 1500 80
STU-2 60 x 60 20 100 x 300 32 475 160

Equipment Specifications

Transport System Walking beam
Reel Diameter 600mm (23.6in)
Reel Width 750mm (29.5in)
Reel Core 76mm to 152mm (3in to 6in)
Filling stations Up to 3
Machine dimensions (L x W x H) 6580mm x 1580mm x 2220mm (259in x 62.2in x 87.4in)
Electrical Consumption 15 kW
Air Consumption 300L/min (79.2gal/min)
Electrical Data 200-480V / 50-60 Hz / N + G / 3Ph (others under request)
PLC ALLEN BRADLEY / SIEMENS (others under request)
Noise Level <70 dB
Safety CE Standards, OSHA