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SIG ClearShield Film

SIG ClearShield Film is a five-layer film that features thickness and heat resistance that enables high-temperature filling commonly found in fruit processing.

  • Available in a range of gauges up to 4.6mils
  • Good barrier and resistance to heat

Product Specifications

Known Process Applications


Fills heated, commercially-sterile product in non-sterile packaging. Can reduce product taste and texture.


Fills commercially-sterilized products into pre-sterilized packaging. Products can be held unopened without refrigeration.


Yes - Surface Print


Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR)

Film Process


Regulatory Compliance

Complies with USFDA and EU food contact regulations.

Typical Markets

Performance Data

Performance Properties Test Reference Typical Value
Tensile Strength ASTM D-882 MD: 5100 g/25mm | TD: 4100 g/25mm
Elongation at Break ASTM D-882 MD: 250% | TD: 200%
Puncture Resistance ASTM D-3420 200 g
Oxygen Transmission ASTM F-1927 1.1 cc 100% O2/m2/day
Optical Density Tobias Densitometer N/A
Kinetic COF ASTM D-1894 0.20