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SIG Jerribox Bag-in-Box Package

Composite packaging for agricultural chemicals that minimizes user risk.

  • Ideal for agricultural chemicals and edible oil
  • Eliminates glugging associated with rigid packaging
  • Sustainable solution with less landfill waste

Product Specifications

Key Features

  • Provide your end users a safe, glug-free bulk package that significantly improves supply chain costs compared to f-style jugs and jug-in-box containers. Our Jerribox is designed to eliminate glugging and spills associated with bottles and cans. The package collapse as it is used, avoiding user contact with hazardous fertilizers during dispensing and refill.
  • Jerribox is a UN-Certifiable package that offers cost savings throughout the supply chain. Jerribox packaging arrives at your plant flat, maximizing your inbound logistics. Filled Jerribox has a smaller package footprint and better cube efficiency than bottles, jugs, pails, and other rigid containers, allowing more filled products to be placed on a pallet. Plus, with Jerribox, you can ship your product in concentrate and add water later. These benefits create shipping and storage efficiencies that help to minimize overhead costs throughout the supply chain. As the Jerribox fitment is designed similarly to most rigid plastic jugs, it can also run on your current filler.

Known Process Applications


Occurs when a product is filled into a package with no additional sterilization treatment.

Filling Method

Through Spout

Common Package Sizes

20 liters (5 gallons)
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Jerribox Fitment