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TN85RO + CC85MT Cap

Designed for all ages and abilities as a Toynorm compliant, easy-to-open cap for retail applications. Tamper evident ring stays connected to spout upon opening.

  • Easy-to-open for all ages and abilities
  • Tamper evident
  • 8.5mm inner diameter

Product Specifications

Key Features

The TN85RO + CC85MT Cap works well in horizontal form-fill-seal (HFFS), hybrid, and pre-made applications. This assembly preserves the freshness of your spouted pouch products while extending their shelf life. It provides a sleek, easy-to-open solution for products requiring ambient or hot-fill processing.

Scholle IPN Sustainability in Flexible Packaging iconThe TN85RO + CC85MT Cap is engineered for the circular economy due to:

  • a lightweight design
  • a tamper ring that stays connected, ensuring that it gets recycled

Known Process Applications


Fills heated, commercially-sterile product in non-sterile packaging. Can reduce product taste and texture.

Clean Fill (Ambient)

Occurs when a product is filled into a package with no additional sterilization treatment.

Filling Method

Through Spout

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