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A Toast to Success with Winesmiths

About Winesmiths

Australian owned, grown, and produced Winesmiths, formerly under the Yalumba banner, became its own standalone brand in 2020. They craft premium, vegan bag-in-box wine from South Australian grapes of a single vintage, without sacrificing quality. As the market is shifting towards one of alcohol moderation, they wanted to offer their customers the same high-quality wine they are used to, without the worry that their wine would degrade in quality if not finished within a couple days.

Partners for Success

Winesmith RoseExpanding their portfolio based on this, Winesmiths began offering a two-litre bag-in-box package for wine drinkers looking for premium wine without sacrificing shelf life. Due to the nature of a bag-in-box package format, the wine stays fresher longer, allowing for the wine to be enjoyed longer. With our patented bag-in-box barrier films and ergonomic FlexTap®, both Winesmiths and their consumers can have peace of mind that their favourite wines are protected from degradation due to light and air.

“With Winesmiths, we wanted to disrupt the old ‘you get what you pay for mentality’.  To shake up the category with a value offering that comes without compromise” says Jacinta Gibson, Marketing Manager for Winesmiths. “The 2L cask offers many benefits but for us its value uncompromised. We refuse to cut corners and deliver average. This philosophy is demonstrated through the craft, care and attention to detail we give every aspect of our brand. From viticultural practices, through to winemaking and packaging, our goal is to bring to our consumers great wines, full of flavour and sealed without sacrificing freshness.”

Sustainability. A Balanced Environment.

As a brand that is known to “sacrifice nothing,” they believe that includes the earth too. With flexible packaging, they are minimizing their impact on the environment with their packaging choices. Their boxes are made with recycled content and fully recyclable, while their bags hold the equivalent to 2.5 bottles of wine, but without the weight, raw materials, or greenhouse gases associated with the manufacturing or transport of glass bottles. In fact, their cask box has just 13% of the total carbon footprint of a traditional bottle of wine!

Scholle IPN SEIC Chart Wine Bottles vs 2L Bag-in-Box

If you’re ready to get started with bag-in-box wine, drop us a line!