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Aspen Beverages and Scholle IPN Partner on Cold Brew Coffee

Aspen BeverageFor over 20 years, Aspen Beverage Group has excelled at creating custom beverage solutions for its customers, specializing in coffee and tea concentrates.

Cold brew coffee has been around for over a half century, but its popularity has soared over the past 3 years. This takes shape in both ready-to-drink single serve applications as well as coffee concentrate options for coffee shops, restaurants and more. As Aspen Beverage looks to expand their market, they’ve trusted Scholle IPN to deliver the highest quality bags, connectors and tap systems for their various coffee products.

Scholle IPN’s flexible bag-in-box and stand-up pouch packaging solutions:

  • Have a smaller packaging footprint that saves space.
  • Have a better product-to-package ratio making them easy to ship and store.
  • Collapse as they’re used, leaving minimal package waste.
  • Make it easy to “get it all out” of the package reducing product waste.
  • Are all BPA-free and recyclable wherever #7 plastics are accepted.
  • Are built with strong film structures and seals, empowering an ability to sell and ship your products via e-commerce.

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