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Blended Beverage Success: Manitowoc and Scholle IPN


Manitowoc Foodservice® is a world leader in innovative foodservice kitchen and restaurant equipment solutions, representing some the world’s most recognized and leading foodservice equipment brands in food and beverage. Manitowoc knew they needed to react to the growing demand of blended beverages.


Manitowoc turned to Scholle IPN to help develop a flexible turnkey blended beverage dispensing solution for the quick-serve restaurant market.


Utilizing Scholle IPN’s QuickSeal Sentry SafeLock™ helped Manitowoc achieve their goals for quick, reliable and safe product dispensing in a fast-paced environment. The partnership with Scholle IPN has positioned Manitowoc as a market leader in the blended ice beverage industry.


  • Provide sanitary work environment with minimized product leakage and easy-to-clean machine
  • Decrease potential contamination touch point with closed loop dispensing offers less contaminate touch points


  • Eliminate the need for preservatives with aseptic processing and filling


  • Increase speed of service with  bag and dispenser working together seamlessly
  • Enable restaurant operators to easily expand their product offering to include high-growth blended ice beverages like smoothies
  • More cost effective way of providing beverage product to meet growing demands


  • Reduce waste through improved product evacuation
  • Dispenser is energy efficiency, requiring power only to make each individual drink
  • Reduce fossil fuels by eliminating cold chain distribution
  • Provide healthy drink options to more people