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Castrol E-Pack Replaces Old Bulk Tanks In Walmart Tire & Lube Express

Castrol bag-in-box oilScholle IPN is proud to support Castrol on their partnership with Walmart. Castrol, one of the world’s leading providers of motor oils and lubricants, has recently partnered with Walmart Tire and Lube Express to revolutionize how oil change facilities are built and operated with its Castrol Enviro-Pack (E-Pack) and innovative E-Dispense system.

The Castrol E-Pack is a six-gallon bag-in-box package. This package features a flexible inner bag with an attached tap for dispensing, developed and supplied by Scholle IPN, and exterior corrugated carton.

Castrol’s new packaging approach for motor oil replaces 24 individual quart bottles resulting in an 85% reduction in discarded plastic. The combined use of this innovative package and the E-Dispensing system reduces 86 percent of residual oil left in packaging versus traditional quart bottle packaging.

Walmart’s Tire and Lube Express facilities began using Castrol E-Pack in 2008. Recently Walmart announced that they will be replacing the use of bulk oil tanks and quart oil bottles, in their new and existing Tire and Lube Express facilities, with E-Packs and E-Dispensing systems due to the significant cost savings, reduced environmental impacts and improved inventory management.

A website dedicated to the Castrol Enviro-Pack has been launched and includes valuable information about Castrol’s latest product offerings, as well as insight into the latest news and trends within the oil and lubricants industry. For more information, click here.

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