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Danone Chooses Bossar BMS 4.2 for Danonino

About Bossar BMS 4.2

Danone’s pouch is the end-product of the Bossar BMS 4.2 and our engineered fitments. With ultra-clean technology, this is the only machine worldwide that is able to meet the highest quality requirements of the food industry for the dairy market.

The BMS 4.2 offers

  • High-speed production capacity of 210 ppm.
  • OEE of approximately 98%.
  • Excellent quality spout seals.
  • Servo technology for increased quality and efficiency.
Danonino multi-flavor pouch FPO

60+ Million Families Enjoy Danonino

Danone is proud of the role it plays in the everyday lives of families and is also conscious of the responsibilities that come with it. This collaboration between Bossar and Danone has led to significant innovations for Danonino consumers around the world, providing a quality and consistency level that they can expect.

About Danonino

For Danonino, there is nothing more important than families.  And we know what parents want is to make their kids happy and healthy.  That’s why, for more than 50 years, Danonino has been part of the daily routines of kids and parents. Danonino is a product that kids love and parents feel good about giving it to their kids.

There are more than 60 million families enjoying our products in 38 countries all around the world. We are proud of the role that we play in the everyday lives of families everywhere and also conscious of the responsibilities that come with it.

That being said, we are proud to announce our partnership with Danone in bringing Danonino to families around the world. This fun pack offers colors and packaging adapted to kids’ motor skills to hold and eat from independently.

Visit Danonino’s website to learn more!

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